NYC here i come !!

Hey guys, i just wanna wish you all Happy Holidays ! Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all !! B-)

I'm Leaving for New York today, and i'll be there till next year ! ( sounds kinda strange saying that XD ) on January 2nd 2009 !

Love you all !! Bye !! <3

*Hugz ya all * :-D


d.A.MENtion Comics ! Recruiting/Info

Hey yall !! so far a few people are interested and that's already a really good start .

I've added an e-mail address to this blog (that you'll see to your right) , if any of you are interested, that's the e-mail you send your ideas, sketches, stories concepts, lineart, what ever ! to .

Also, for those who are interested in coloring, i suggest you get Open canvas, the old free one. There ain't nothing wrong with it and infact it's what i use to color my works and occasioanally do digital drawings with ( and don't i have a tablet either, so there )

You can download it HERE

If some of you don't know what i'm talking about yet, please check out my poll and previous poll.

Thanks yall ! and remember to spread the word people !! :-D


d.A.MENtion Comics !

O KAY !! this idea has been in my head for a WHILE , and with Trainer's idea for a new club ( please check out his Journal http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/journal/trainer/162281/ ), i'm going to say it now, just to put it out there .

As an artist, i know that sometimes there are a wide variety of things i want to get done, but never seem to have enough time to do, wether it be concepts, drawings or comics...especially comics.

So i figured, why not have some people come together, agree on a story, and do a multy persons collab on a story we all agree on ?!? So for any who this interest, i came up with this :

d.A.MENtion comics !

"d" and "a" stands for different Artist , MEN because we are going to be making gay comics here, and Mention because we need to spread the word.

And even for those of you who cannot draw should feel concerned, because you can't have stories without writers , and i'm sure that even if you guys can't work you hands, your can work those minds of yours hhmmm ?

So calling all friends, artist, sketchers, colorist... People ! who like my idea, it may not happen today, nor tomorrow, but it's never going to happen unless we all show that we're interested.

As for those who are wondering, if we get enough artist here, some comics won't be free. Hope that won't push some people away, but i have to say this, sort of like a disclaimer, because let's be honest people, getting a lot of different artist/people together to work on a same comic is no easy task.

I'm going to leave this poll open for a while so i can get a lot of opinions out of it ( and cause i'm going on vacation this X-MAS ), but seriously because i think it's a good idea, and with more then just one guy this could actually work . So please vote, comment and spread the word !


Superman Collab

Hey yall ! I'm gonna post post my colored version of my collab with Iceman !

Superman Colored

This is the Original Lineart by Iceman himself, and another Lineart which he has drawn if anyone wishes to collaborate with him of Thor and Thanos.

Let's collaborate! Superman Inked Lineart

Let's collaborate! Thor vs. Thanos Inked Lineart

You guys can find more about these, or hit up Iceman himself :

here: http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/iceman/ ( y!gallery )

and here : http://icemanblue.com/ ( website )

and even here : http://icemanblueofficial.blogspot.com/ ( Blog )

Enjoy you guys !! and viva art trades and collabs !!


Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria

Hooray For Yu-gi-oh! monster porn ! XD

lol Hey again !

This is the most recent thing i've drawn ... and took forever to ink, but at least it's "postable", i will post the one with the green background on my y!gallery, since someone convinced me to, but i will post all thee here

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria ( Green B/G)

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria ( Purple B/G )

Just a note. Newdoria is the fiend on the Left, and Grave Squirmmer the fiend on the right, the title just sounded better that way, and i've also did this because of Short supply of Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster porn on the net, and i paired these two together because they have similar effects, and invlove the graveyard. Also, if you have any request for yu-gi-oh! monsters that need some slashing, or even some porn you think is in short supply, let me know, and i'm also gonna leave spots for Art-Trades again ! So let me know people !!

Enjoy !!!

The Stuff part 3 !!

Oh boy ! it's been a month since I updated my Blog, sorry about that, but Blogger was giving me some issues, so since i'm able to update now, i'm gonna make the most of it and bring you another " Stuff " post, because i may not have been very active net-wise, but i've been busy ;-).

Here goes :

Let's start with some skecthes : these are pencils sketches so tried my best to make them look decent


Kraïm is an O.C i created... well started a WHILE ago but never finished. He's and Elf Samurai, heh, how's that for original. Hopefully i'll draw more of him in the future, i like his design.


This is the Aquaman pic i keep ranting about, because i can't seem to get around to finish it lol. I really like how he looks, but i just can't finish the damn thing XD, i will hopefully :-).

White Fomor

Okay, you know you've been playing too much of a game when you start drawing porn of the enemies in the game XD. This is a White Fomor, whose is an Enemy in Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia for the DS. I think it's one of the more addictive Castlevania titles, and i dare say it's been a while since killing Dracula felt so epic, props to the story and musical score of that game... and props for the hot enemies too...

Xy Sleeps

My Blue hair O.C sleepin' :-), looks like he's having a good dream. Aaawww, he looks so innocent...and sweet... and hot... and turned on... i just wanna...do some things... to that nice ass of his ...*drool*

Demon Dude
Lol, yep, that's his name for now, because he's a serious W.I.P. I don't have a name for him yet, but i've been thinking of some stories for him... and his friends... heh, and at least those are clear and already determined, the rest is still kinda up in the air.

And now on to the inks. Oh and on a side note, neither the Skecthes nor the Inks are in order, so style changes are to be expected :

Popo Pin-up

I did this a while ago because of a comment i remember getting saying that they'll always see Popo of the Ice climbers as a cute little chibi dude, even if they know he isn't. Well i hope this helps. There are a few tweaks to be made here and there, be this is " Stuff " post after all, heh.

Silver Nelson's Iron Johnson
*GASP* , F-zero pr0n !! lol, yep. this was spawned quite a while ago and it's one of the few F-zero pics that i did ( and still intend to do in the future ) about the so very neglected and overmuscled slash-bound F-zero characters. ( yes, that's right F-zero has some hot peeps, why won't anyone notice yet ?!? ). Lol anyway, this is Silver Nelson, and he's the oldest ( living ) F-zero pilot, and i always thought it was weird that an old man needs a cane to walk when he can race a high speed racing machine no prob, or no question asked for that matter, well in my mind, it turns out he needs it to carry his huge dick, which he slams into anyone who protest him participating in F-zero races.

Octoman's Rampage

Okay, so i was a lil horny, hehe. This is another F-zero pic i did a lil while back, featuring Capt. Falcon ( of course ), John Tanaka ( another F-zero HOTTIE ) and Octoman, one of my favourite pilots since F-zero X. Anyway, the idea here isn't clear, but in F-zero GX , when you finished a Grand prix with a pilot on Master difficulty, you were awarded with lil video of your chosen pilot, and in Octoman's vid ( as in a few others ) he's in some kind of body building constest, and after his appeal goes down, he looses it and starts grabbing people in the crowd... Well in my version ( lol ) he was doing jut fine until Capt.Falcon Walked in with some nice tight shorts grabbing all of his attention, and John was also present and part of the contest and security , since he is a cop. It might not look like it, but Octoman is actually thinking so very horny thoughts ( heh, why else would he be raping them XD )

Smeargle's Ready to Battle

Been a while since i drew some human-mon stuff, and a while ago i finished training a Smeargle(which i nicknamed Photoshop, lol ) so i drew this a lil while ago. For those interested, i still am playing pokemon if you wanna battle, just leave a comment ;-). Anyway, i made my Smeargle a Baton Passer, and i'm pretty sure some of us would like to grab that Baton, heh .


This is a continuation of the Legendary pokemon Human-mon series is started some time ago, and it features Celebi. Celebi honestly looks like a pixie, so i tried to draw a hot and not to mention hung ( he is legendary after all ) Pixie, heh.

Gravekeeper's Guard !

*GASP* !! Yu-gi-oh! MONSTER pr0n ! lool. Yep. This one isn't all that old, and like F-zero, Yu-gi-oh! monster porn is in pretty short supply, unfortunatly :-(. I was feeling a lil horny one day and this card was just there on my desk, so presto! pron is born ! lol! This guy is one of the first actual bara/big guys i've ever tried to draw, and i think it looks great. He's a flip effect monster, and when he's flipped face-up, he send an opponent's monster back to his hand... And i'm sure some of us will be sent back to our hands with this pic... XD puns, hahaha.

Anyway, 11 pics later, that's it for the Stuff part 3 !! You'll probably see these in my other galleries, or even finished, or maybe you won't, but just know there here, i gave you "The Stuff" !


Fan Girl Scream !!! Junjou Romantica !!!!!!

Hey everyone ! Since Season 2 has started in Japan, i've decided to let you guys in on this wonder Yaoi, Junjou Romantica !
This isn't your typical lovey-dovey anime either, especially if in there's some serious sexual harrassment going on in the first episode ! no joke.
Yes, can you beleive it ! this is a gay themed anime and it has 24 episodes in total ! and it's popular ! i think we're making progress here ! lol

The show follows the story of 3 couples, Misaki and Usagi ( in the middle ), Hiro and Nowaki ( to the left ) and finally Shinobu and Miyagi ( to the right ).

Misaki was living with his older brother when one day he comes home and meets the great Usami sensei ( Usagi ) a famous novel writer. Misaki grades are low, and coincidently Usagi ended up being his tudor, all hell breaks loose when Misaki finds out about his "other" books...

Hiro was crying in the park one day when a plastic rocket fell ou of the sky in front of him one day, then when Nowaki came to pic it up and saw Hiro, it was love at first sight for him. Hiro later finds out that Nowaki needs help with school and that he was orphaned as a child, however things get sweet and awkard when feelings and memories of Usagi get involed... Not to mention when Nowaki leaves for 6 years !

Miyagi was sitting enjoy his break one day when he meets an old acquaintance who confesses his love to him... his ex-wife's younger brother ! Miyagi then dubs him as a terrorist and refuses to give in to Shinobu claiming that he's a kid, but that's not stopping Shinobu !

Another reason i suggest you buy, look up on Youtube or Download Junjou Romantica is because even by anime standards, it's great ! it's sweet, Romantic like the title is, serious at time, but incredibly Hilarious !

I urge you to look into it, as it's success has brought us a Second season which started airing October 11th ( yep, it's passing right now, it's not to late to get hooked ! ), it might be subtitled, but man is it good !! not to mention it ain't too PG either, ha !


Superman !

a.k.a mister Popular

Hey people, i just finished a Superman drawing recently ( wow, i'm going at a steady pace, progress much ? )

It's just lineart for now, but i still think he looks pretty good. I try using a comic book style kind of shading when i inked him, and i think it looks pretty sweet. I think i might make this a series and draw the other Justice League members. Another thing, i've been reading so drawing books lately, and i've read that it's not good to crop a pic so that you don't see certain body parts, such as the hand and feet for example, but i ran out of space on the paper, so it was a bit difficult. All in All though, i still like how he looks. This one is on my to color list, so i'll see what i can do with it later. For now Enjoy !!

Superman a.k.a Mr Popular

P.S : i chose that title become i think Superman is a sort of Icon for Superheroes everywhere, kinda like how Mario is for Video Games, ya know.


Remy the Vampire !

Hey again yall !

Everybody ! Meet Remy ! the Vampire ! He's my newest O.C that i created because Halloween's Around the corner. Now here' a few things about Remy, he's a nice guy, but never denies his Vampire cravings and/or Urges XD . Remy is also not a full Vampire and can even go out in the sun, so yes, in case you're wondering, his wings ARE red and blue, what can i say, i wanted to be original.

Oh yea ! another thing ! This is an all Digital piece :-D

So yea, drawing without a tablet is difficult... but not impossible, so i'm really happy with how he came out, even though i took a while to finish it, you know with distractions and what not, but i'm glad that i finished it. I was very lazy with the background ( sorry ), i know it's plain, but meh, at least Remy looks OK ( lol ). Another thing about Remy, he actually has a fuzzy face ( facial hair ) and is often mistaken for a werewolf because of it, and lastly, as for the size of his penis... well, if you ask him i'm sure he tell you " well, where else is the blood supposed to go !?"

Remy the Vampire !

I posted the lineart here because i want to know if you guys like Remy, and if you do, please feel free to draw him , with or without wings, with or without clothes, whatever ! just don't forget to tell me kay ?

Enjoy !!

Green Arrow colored and Skyboy Day

Hey yall, it's been a while since i posted something here on my blog, so here's something i colored a little while ago but posted a few days ago.

Green Arrow

You can see the original lineart and more of FuryianFyre's hot art on his gallery http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/furyianfyre/

Next, i noticed that i didn't have a post for Skyboy day which was about a month ago, my bad, anyway it was September 5th and i did participe, just forgot to post it here...better late then never i suppose.

Surf's up Alex

For Skyboy http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/skyboy/, featuring Skyboy's OC...um... Skyboy ! and Alex Summers from the X-men. He asked me to try to do a pic of Skyboy and Alex getting busy on a surfboard, so there you go. Skyboy such a nice guy that i couldn't refuse his request, also the Big idea behind Skyboy day is to prevent other Artist from using your characters without permission or put them in situation you aren't comfortable with. So cheers to that !

See ya'll soon !!


Gift for me !

Hotcha' awsome part of the art trade :-D !

Hotcha graced us with his hot and unique style early last year, and has kept drawing hotter and better works since then. Since we never said a word about it but simply kind of hinted about what we liked, i'm glad he gave me this pleasant surprise of one of my favourite character ( since i did the same for him ). Ganondorf being on the receiving end of some rape is something you don't see everyday, which is what i love about it ! :-D

I also can't deny how nicely detailed this is, kudos dude, and Of course, Thanks again for doing an Art Trade with me !!

Please Check out Hotcha's Hot and awsome works ( and no to mention his sexy ass O.C Drake ) on the y! : http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/hotcha/

Enjoy !

P.S : i think i will indeed put up a Links section for all the artist i like on the Y!


Gift for Hotcha !

Hey yall ! Posting a pic here on my blog of one of my latest works.

This is a gift for Hotcha, a fellow artist on the y!gallery http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/hotcha/, think i'm gonna add a section of links for y!gallery artist :-)
Anyway, this was kind of a surprise for him. We'd agreed on doing an art trade, but didn't really know what to draw.
It came up because i notice that these guys are two of his favourite characters, Drake ( his original character ) and Brolli from DBZ, it's also one of the fastest works i've done to date ! i drew, inked and colored this all in the same day.

Hotcha sees this as a full on art trade now, so as soon as i got something for him, we'll see what he'll deliver for his part of the art trade :-), til then,

Enjoy !!



LT. Surge is Worked Up !!

For the sake of me posting something , here's the colored version of the Lt. Surge pic i did a lil while back.

Roar won the poll ! so i'm going to work on the comic ... as soon as possible ... i hope Xp... lol :-D. anyway, Summer is slowly coming to an end, so i have to hold my end of the bargain, and color some of my works :-). Tried a mix of techniques i've tough my self with the colors here, tell me what you think !:-D and
Enjoy !!


It's mah Birthday !!!

WOO HOO !! and it started off great !! so i opened a new poll :-), make sure you vote !! i'm 19!! woo !! :-D


Birthday Screws !!

Aaarrrgg ... my birthday is coming up !! XD
August 13. Funny thing about 13... it can be either lucky or unlucky ... but the way things have been going lately, my back hurts, i'm thinking to much (about too many different things), i'm tired... ugh... yea

and i can't even have a party because i'm DEAD ASS BROKE !!

*deep sigh*

i don't like to set my hopes up too much though, cause my birthdays have a habbit of backfiring... for now, we decided to go to movies the day after my b-day... but that's IF i have money...

help me !

Trade ya !

Hey yall !

Sex Defender Villian !!

This post is to remind some of you that i'm doing art trades and to show you guys the first one i did ! It's of LatexFeline's character who i love and most definatly use in the future, Latexfeline, who's creativity in character design i adore, has even given me the ok to use him as a villian for Snake Charmer Adal !

Don't forget, if anyone out there is intersted, click on comments, leave one, we'll swap info, e-mails and stuff and get a trade going

Enjoy !!


" The Stuff " part 2

Hey yall ! i think i'm going to start doing more of these kind of post, because there are some things i draw that either i'll take too long to complete or that i just know what to do with sometimes, ha.

Anyway, let's get started !

Before i left on my Vacation, i worked on 2 drawings of a game that i love ! Magical Starsign !!

I'll admit i bought the game a WHILE ago, but i felt like playing it before i left, and instantly remembered why i loved the game so much.

Whoa there though ! It's not like i'm promoting this game or anything, because quite simply this game's not for everyone, but i do think it's a must for people who like RPGs that last a good little while. I'm saying this because from what i've seen in reviews, you either don't like the game, or you love it, and well, it's pretty obvious i loved it :).

Lassi ( the Bunny on top ), Mokka ( the Robot to the left ), Chai ( the Lizard to the bottom left ), Sorbet ( The girl on the upper right ), Pico ( Guy at the bottom right ) and your choice in either the Female heroine or Male hero ( the two i haven't mentioned) are your party on the Interplanetery adventure that is Magical Starsign. I loved the game so much that i wanted to try to do 2 fan arts of it... problem is... well, just look at them ! their ages are unclear, but they aren't full blown adults that's for sure, so i took the Hero and Pico, Made them look Older, put both there hot asses on the fire planet Razen, and this came out :

This one is a " Finished" Sketch, and even just for a sketch, i like it ! i think i did i great job at maturing them. The other drawing is still in the works :

That's Pizza ! Oh my gosh, i love how a lot of things ( characters and places) in the game are named after food or drinks. Anywho, Pizza is very helpful in the adventure as he'll set up a Warp point at his location in exchange for a sugar star. He has a huge light blue hat he pops out of everytime you talk to him, so that's what i'm trying to draw here, but this time on Gren, the wood planet.

Next, i have some original characters in the works ! i think i even have one that's inked ! gosh i need to get to work xD.

The guy that looks like sex on legs is Enaz. With Purple hair and a penis that makes no one question his bragging, he's a freak ! He's also Justin cousin, which means that he's pretty damn smart believe it or not. He has many characteristics of his Family, including incredible intellect and the ability to body swap. He's a sex therapist, Dj and inventor, which has made him good friends with Drama and Neon, a couple he idolizes. Him and Noland ( from the Gaymer series ) are brothers, but not from the same mother, they knew they were related the minute they saw each other how ever. Finally the machine he wears that looks like headphones is an Inergy recycling system thats connected to his spine, which allows him to litteraly never be tired. The headphones also allow him to understand people, which makes his two jobs a breeze. Those who think it's his week spot pay dearly...

Ok, now for the newer stuff :

I've hit a Kiriban on the y! and i just felt like... WOO HOO !!, so that came up XD. I'm going to try to digitally Ink and Color this one. Afterwards, i'll eiter make hima Pretty boy or a student at K.C's School : St. Peter's Gifted School for Young Men, you can read all about it here : http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/club/6877/ .

Speaking of which, here's a student and teacher i created for the school :

Still in the works. I really like the idea of creating students and teachers for male only school filled with horny guys, it just sparks some serious fantasies if ya ask me xD.

Onto more characters i've created, but with more shall i say, determined roles :

That's Sunoh, he's a Fire and Ice demon and he's a good guy. His right arm is transparent and can transform into anything he wants ( yes... anything ). I've named him Sunoh for 2 reasons related to his elements : "Sun" for the fire element, and "Sunoh", which sounds like " Snow" for his Ice element. Like his elements, his fighting style is split in two, the right side of his body is for attacking, and the Left side for defending. He's got his own story, but he does meet and befriend many of my other characters along way, incuding Adal, Nitzo and Devil Joe.

Lastly, here's a sketch of a Villain i've designed for Snake Charmer Adal :

His name is Dream, but beleive me, fall asleep and he'll become your worst nightmare. Hired by "It" to hunt down Adal, Dream hires minions to hunt down Adal and more then often joins in the fray as he keeps proving that he's no behind the goons baddie. Since Dream haunts you in your sleep, Adal has resorted to dimension hopping to rest, hover his powers get severly weakened after he arrives on Earth , as predicted by Bharvaro ( which is Where the story begins ). Funny thing about Dream is that is that he can't fall asleep, so after he was cursed through events he can't recall, his sleep deprivation made him resort to torturing other people in their sleep. "It" is the one who stole his ability to sleep, but that fact Dream does not know, as his insanity drove him to beleive anything "It" said, including the lie that Adal holds the key to lifting his curse, and that the longer he waits, the longer his sleep will be when his ability to slumber returns. Another problem with the whole situation is that somewhere along the way, he fell in love with Adal... Finally, rumor has it, it's a shame he haunts dreams, because apperantly he's a dream come true in bed...

Phew !! Ok !! that's it for "The Stuff" part 2, see you guys soon !!


Commissions from Saiyanboyy

I was commissioned to draw a character that looked like a mix of Saiyanboyy and a Dratini, and Kalen was born !

Kalen is born !

Blizzard will always keep Kalen warm
I myself am pretty fond of Kalen, so keep an eye out for Saiyboyy of the y!gallery as he works on Kalen's story. Enjoy !!

Superman x Johnny Cage Commission

Commission for Rob332 of the y!gallery . This was great practice and fun . I tried something different with the colors and it works ! yay ! Enjoy !

P.S : don't forget commission are still open !! info link is : http://kslash.blogspot.com/2008/06/yea-i-need-money.html

P.P.S : The info might be updated later ;)


Vacation !!

Well, it's time for me to say Bye Bye to you guys !

And in case you're wondering and have been keeping up with my posts, yes, i am writting this early , allow to explain why .
Like i said before, i'm going on a family vacation, and my annoying little cousin is coming with us. So me and my Brother have decided to call him " Before and After ", because we're going to have to deal with him 2 days before we go and 2 days after we come back.

So to conclude, my vacation is from July 11 to July 25, but my absence will start from July 9th to July 27th .
*sigh* and he's gonna be here in like ... *looks at watch* an HOUR ! X(

lol, anyway yall ! Enjoy yourselves, because i know that no matter what i will !! :-D

See you Guys !! B-D


Diving Rainbow Ho-oh and Lugia

It took me a while, but i colored this one to hopefully encourage more people to commission me, cause something like this will cost you 35 $.

See this Journal entry, or this Blog post

And i'm also going open a poll in a bit to further discuss the subject.

Anyway Enjoy !!


yea, i need money

I'm not even gonna sugar coat this one. I wouldn't say that i'm broke, but i'm close to it, i have to pay my cell phone bill, i need to buy new earphones and i need money to pay for some new glasses ( might be getting contacts, because i hear they're cheaper ) and the fact that my job payed me less and less didn't help. So now i'm close to going on vacation with my family and i'm going to need some extra cash.Taking commissions right now is probably one of the best ways that i can make money, plus it'll get me some experience i guess.

I have a Paypal, so money won't be a problem if you got an account too.

So anyway, prices :
Line art : 10 $

+Extra character : 5 $

* 2 or more : 10 $

+ Colored (heavy layer work ) : 20 $

* Simple layer work : 15 $

So yea, basically line art is 10$, and anything extra, will cost you extra.

Leave a comment if you're interested.

Note :

1) I won't take a request i've already agreed to do as a commission, because i'm not evil, i just need money.

2) access to my scanner is sometimes limited, so i might take while and i might not.

3) i'm going on vacation as of July 11th, so if i haven't finished it before then, you'll have to wait two weeks ( about 15 days really ) before you hear from me.

4) If you're interested, after i exchange e-mails with you, if i can, i'll send a sketch through e-mail or chat, and if you like it , i'll only finish it after i received payment ( i'm desperate, not stupid ). If i can't, I'll always confirm its status and will put up a section here so you can see the status.

5) It's between me and the customer, so in other words, i won't post the commissioned work if the commissioner does not want.

6) Content is negociable ( there are certain things i won't do, so just ask ), unfortunatly prices are not at the moment.

7) References please !

8) Despite the seriousness, i am a nice person ;-), don't be afraid of me lol :-], i'm just having a little situation i need some $-) B-) that's all.