More Bleach Smut !

Hey Guys !!
Was bored one day and feeling uninspired, so i Asked Gninrom to give me something to draw, and he said how about some Bleach porn, as i said OK !
So a few decisions and references later, Voilà ! Ichigo fucks Toshiro !
Enjoy !! got the original size and a close up for you too ;)


Pokemon + Bara = Art from me !

First Some Human-mon PrOn based on the funny ass HSOWA, which means Hot Skitty On Wailord Action, lol

And now a pic packed with some of Pokemon's most bara men ! Crasher Wake, Noland, Bruno, Lt.Surge and Chuck !

And Finally showing some love to some Elite Four guys, Elite Four Drake and Champion Lance would like to fuck !!

Enjoy ! more pokemon bara coming soon ! and suggestions and requests are welcome ;)

School boys :D

Fan Art and Gift Art for the wonderful K.C from the y! gallery ! The first is of his awesome purple haired O.C Willard , and this second is of Jordane, my own Student O.C for K.C's b-day!
Check out his gallery when you have the time too ! He's SUPER NICE !!

F-zero pr0n : Antonio Guster

Hey guys, haven't updated my blog in a while, i know, i'm horrible XD, but i was actually on vacation for some of that time XD, anyway, here's something i did a lil while ago .

I was itching to draw some more F-Zero pilots / Nintendo Characters so i took my tablet and got to work ! lol ! i decided to draw Antonio Guster because i saw something very interesting in his bio about his former partner in crime Samurai Goroh.

Enjoy !