Team Bolin!

They see me, Bolin... They Hatin'...


Hey guys and gals.

Like i said just now, here's another example of a quick drawing, now in the form of the lovely Bolin.

I have been a LoK ( Legend of Korra) fan for quite some time now, but as you may have read and noticed i barely had time to show it over the summer, so now here's Bolin.

I love Bolin, oh my god, he's cute, hot, goofy, kind, just all the things that would make him a peeeerfect boyfriend. *squee*.

Yes i blatantly entitled this post Team Bolin, because no offense to Mako fans, but i'm on Team Bolin. sure i have some degree of respect for him when *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT* he managed to be of some use to Korra when it was time to face Amon, but i still much rather prefer Bolin. Also, at least Bolin wasn't a two-timing scumbag... Just saying.

Also slight apology because i was supposed to post this yesterday but my internet was on the fritz, but it's ok now.

Anyway, I may be done for the quick drawings for the week because i have to work in the morning, but this is definitely not the last of them.

Got any ideas, request, critique? Never be afraid to drop them in the comment section or any other site i post this on which are always linked on the site

Anyway, long text/rant/paragraph over.


Seeing Superman with your own X-ray Vision

Hey Everyone!

So since I've been getting some inspiration back and getting back into drawing, and i just wanted to draw Superman for some reason, this was the result.

I did a version with a little bit of hair down there for those who aren't fans of the smooth look

The reason i'm so happy with this is because i manageq to draw and finish this in under 4 hours, which is relatively fast for me. Critique is very welcomed and i think that whenever i have the spare time i'll try to fit in a drawing to keep me motivated. ( and you all entertained of course ;] )

It won't only be superheros of course, but i'm not discarding them either. It's nice to draw some heroes every once in a while.

I should have another pic coming up real soon.

Until then, and as always, Enjoy! :]