Pokemon XY Trainer Pack 2!

Hello to all! :D

Once again, The blog theme and header has changed!

A new Trainer pack is here!

It's quite literally the same details as last time with the exception that from October 2nd to October 9th, this pack is priced at 10 $ or 8€ instead of the usual 14$ or 10€. So get it this week and save!

This pack includes a rar file with 5 High Res Drawings.

Contact me at kslashworks@hotmail.com if you're interested. I work with paypal as always.


Now it's time for me to hibernate for 24 hours XD.



Captain America : Age of Ultron edition


Been a while hasn't it? I hope you've been clicking those links on the right, because i've been WAY more active on those sites.

This is a commission for the incredibly patient Dexter Charming from Y!gallery. He wanted Captain America in his Age of Ultron costume. I Accepted this challenge of course. One crappy second half of summer, a move back to France, a loss and gain of stylus later, it's done! XD

I'd apologize for the watermark, but this is a commission, the one who paid gets the final say. Them's the ropes.

Besides, this protects me too. Art thieves are a thing. I haven't gotten a severe dose yet, but I once had to reblog an older picture of mine on tumblr because there was no credit to me being the artist XD.

There were variants requested which i obliged to since it was technically the same drawing, so as per usual, the blog faithful get everything ;)

Oh, and funny story XD.

 I got so caught up doing this one that i forgot that i didn't need to do a background, so in the end, i made one anyway based on the reference for the pose i was given.

Here you go :)


Quick side note, commissions are closed till further notice. Fall is upon us and there are a lot of projects and drawings i want to finish up.

Also, Gamers know that the flood of games is pretty much upon us now. ( SMASH BROS NEXT WEEK!!! WOOO!!)

Anyhow, Hope you have an awesome Summer and here's hoping for a great Fall.

See you all real soon ;)



Tiz "Rings a Bell"

Hi Everyone!

So over on Smut with a K, I posted a sketch of a character that i meant to finish a while ago which made me do more digging, and i found a drawing, that was still in sketch form, that i started after I posted a Tiz practice sketch over on tumblr.

I decided to finish it up and so here's the result

I've been adopting a Hybrid workflow between Paint Tool SAI ( sketching and coloring ) Manga studio ( Inking ) and Photoshop ( Composition and Background) and i'm starting to get used to it.

Quick side note, i LOVE Bravely default. I never got the chance to finish it because i was extremely busy with school, but i'll probably be playing it over the summer, along with the avalanche of games i missed out on.

I want to say that i finished this faster then i thought, but that's because there was already a sketch. Then again here i am posting while the sun comes up...again. XD

As annoying as hair is to draw on Anime and RPG characters, I actually had fun coloring it. It was kind of particular this one though. At first i made Ringabel's hair Blond, but then i realized that it's more of a washed out de-saturated blond then a golden color. I ran into a similar problem with Tiz and his hair color, but that's what i get for trying to respect the style of the game and not doing what i prefer.

Anyway, there are more things i want to start working on. Old and new :) so i didn't push the other versions too much

Hope your summer is off to a good start. So far i have to admit that mine is.

Enjoy! ;)

PS: This is suppose to make an Anon somewhere very happy. Hope you like it!


Waluigi booty!

Hello one and all!

I figure i'd update here first since i have posted anything new in almost 5 months X[

Really sorry guys and gals, School had me occupied, now i'm on summer break. As you may have guessed from the picture, i got Mario Kart 8!!

When i started playing, i chose Waluigi ( because i personally love Waluigi) and i noticed something particular about him. When he's on a bike, before he starts his engine, he stands on the bike and his little tushy pushes out.

Of course I glorified it here because, well, butts... i love butts... But i found it interesting that it's actually pretty well defined on him. Seriously, if you have the game, chose him, pick a bike and start a race. it's not a lazy character model, he has a butt. HD Graphics indeed :]

Anyway, Nude and cum variants are below.

Me and some friends went hard an beat all the cups and got 3 stars, i'm only missing the Golden Glider to 100% the game XD, so i'll be racing online. Leave a comment if you want to race, maybe we can organize something and add each other on miiverse or even create a Gaymer community! Until then. Enjoy!

Love you all. ( I mean it ) <3 p="">


Rock Hard WIP

Hey Guys and Gals!

I posted this preview/teaser compilation on my tumblr, but it doesn't seem like it's animating so i thought i'd give it a shot here :)

I'm currently ( and dare i say finally ) learning and teaching my self to animate.

It'll take a long time, especially since school projects have restarted, but i just wanted to let you guys know what you could expect in the next pack (yes, that includes the full non cropped animation)



Pokemon X & Y Trainers Pack!!

Hello everyone!

As you my have guessed from the background and animated hearder change, i finished the my first trainer pack ! : D

The price is 14 $ (or 10€ if you live in Europe)

This pack includes a rar file with :

- 5 High Res drawings
- 1 Bonus Wallpaper

Just contact me at kslashworks@hotmail.com. I work ( as always ) with paypal :]

Thank you in advance for purchasing or spreading the word, it would really help me out!

I think the price is pretty fair for 5 drawings since the price is a little less then what i usually charge for a 1 character drawing.

I hope you all are doing well and i wish all a (Very late) Happy and wonderful new year!

Much hugs :)