Tiz "Rings a Bell"

Hi Everyone!

So over on Smut with a K, I posted a sketch of a character that i meant to finish a while ago which made me do more digging, and i found a drawing, that was still in sketch form, that i started after I posted a Tiz practice sketch over on tumblr.

I decided to finish it up and so here's the result

I've been adopting a Hybrid workflow between Paint Tool SAI ( sketching and coloring ) Manga studio ( Inking ) and Photoshop ( Composition and Background) and i'm starting to get used to it.

Quick side note, i LOVE Bravely default. I never got the chance to finish it because i was extremely busy with school, but i'll probably be playing it over the summer, along with the avalanche of games i missed out on.

I want to say that i finished this faster then i thought, but that's because there was already a sketch. Then again here i am posting while the sun comes up...again. XD

As annoying as hair is to draw on Anime and RPG characters, I actually had fun coloring it. It was kind of particular this one though. At first i made Ringabel's hair Blond, but then i realized that it's more of a washed out de-saturated blond then a golden color. I ran into a similar problem with Tiz and his hair color, but that's what i get for trying to respect the style of the game and not doing what i prefer.

Anyway, there are more things i want to start working on. Old and new :) so i didn't push the other versions too much

Hope your summer is off to a good start. So far i have to admit that mine is.

Enjoy! ;)

PS: This is suppose to make an Anon somewhere very happy. Hope you like it!

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