Crood Guy, a pre belt mini story.



P.S : I liked The Croods and actually almost cried damn it!

The artwork itself minus the text and bubbles will be on Smut with a K!

And that's 4 out of 4! Good ni...Good mor... Ah screw it, Good day to all!

P.P.S : I already have some stuff i want to get started on so just know that there will be more coming in the near future. Let me know if you prefer me posting irregularly but with multiple pics, like i did today, or if you'd rather have regular posts with fewer pics.

Enjoy! And thanks a million for the support everyone!

You are Challenged by Gym Leader Norman!

 Gym Leader Norman!

Well there isn't much to say here. Norman was VERY highly requested, so ignoring this won't wasn't going to happen. Sorry it took so long guys, but i was working on 3 drawings that had multiple versions, and Norman was only 1 with a Whopping 24 different pics.

Two are here, one's on my Ygallery and one is on Smut with a K :)

If you want them, nice, compressed as Rar and ready to go, make sure to contact me. I've been thinking of doing sets for a little extra cash, and this one is only going to be 2$.

Other then that, 3 down, 1 to go!

Enjoy !!

Here Cums! The Crimson Chin!

I actually drew this one on a whim and as a break between all the other stuff i was drawing.

I remembered that I wanted to draw this dude when i looked at the slash vault on my facebook.

Blog Faithful, You get all the versions :)

I know i've been drawing a lot of Pokemon stuff, but i still do toons, video game and Anime characters too, so be not shy with thy requests :D

Two down, two to go.


Gotta Ride 'em All!

Hey guys!, so First post of the night of Four!

One of the request that tickled my drawing bone was a follow-up on the Morning Oak drawing i did with Gary Oak.

I AM thinking about making this a series ladies and gents. On that note, call him Ash Catchcum! Gotta Ride 'em All!

Who do you want him to ride next? :D

Both versions can be seen on Smut with a K