Strike a pose !!

Hey there everybody !

I just want to share a site i found with all my fellow and budding artist.

Well technically it's a Japanese Blog that's adds different poses like everyday. It only shows the muscles and no skin, so that way you have a better grasp of anatomy.
The WIDE variety of poses and angles is great for refences, so i'm going to be unselfish and share it with yall !

i wish i could add a pic, but most of the site ( and all the pics anyway ) is kinda Flash based, allowing you to get a full 360 spin of your chosen pose, which is pretty awsome, and it features both men and women, so it's worth checking out.

Here's the Link : http://www.posemaniacs.com/blog/pose/

I'll add it to my links as well. have fun with it ! lol



So here's "the stuff" ...

Or should i say here's "the lowdown"... or "the deal" ... lol

Hey Yall ! I'm just doing this post to let yall in on a little somethin' somethin'... lol

Well, Summer's right around the corner ( Thank heavens for that ! ), which means that i'll once again ( if all goes as plan, and even so ) have LOADS of free time, so i'll be drawing more frequently ! And, i'm even gonna put my ranting aside to try some "mainstream" slash !

Generation " Trust " : Mako and Tyranno

i've been working on details a lil' bit, and i think my slashing skills are improving.

I'll be going on Vaca in Florida in mid July, so i'll be a bit absent for that time.

Since i'm not quite sure of when Summer is starting for me " exactly ", you'll all know when i'll be in summer mode when i start posting new stuff. Yea now i remember why i called this post the stuff.I've working on a bunch of different stuff old an new.

Super Slash Bros. : Mario's Final Smash !! Ow !! Yea !!

I even promise to try my best to have as much finished colored works as possible ! how's that for a summer plan ? : D

I'm also trying a somewhat different inking style with some of my works, and i think it looks ok.

Well that about covers it ! i'm super phyche for Summer vacation, and i hope you guys are too !

See ya guys soon ! i'll leave ya with Xy, and he looks like he's been working on for the summer, hehe...

Sexy Xyde