Magnus Fever

Hello Blogosphere! How have you been? Summer treat you well?
I don't want to bore you and talk about my summer since it had it's highs and lows.
During the summer however I got to continue playing Kid Icarus Uprising, which my busy ass had no time to play until the break.

As the title suggest, I've become quite the fan of Magnus.

I actually just started doodling with that one, then I thought of Magnus ( who is playable in a certain chapter btw ! ^__^ ) and the fascination with Hot Springs in the Kid Icarus Universe. Two dudes in a hot spring and talk of taking clothes off and steaming sacred buns happens in chapter two of the game.
So seriously, the scenarios write/draw themselves. Why is the web not flooded with this stuff? And Magnus is so damn MANLY! *UNF*

Next thing you know, i haven't had enough and i still wanted to draw the sexy bastard, so the next pic was born.

When you defeat the boss in chapter 2, Magnus calls Pit Angel face, so I though I'd answer my own craving and questions about and for Magnus with this.
Now lately, i've been very undecisive when i re-size my pics, cause the initial finished drawing is huge, being above 3000 pixels in Height and Width. My issue is that details shrink or plain out get lost as they become minuscule, therefor i'm providing two other sizes for you guys.

I've missed drawing, i have to say, and though my summer wasn't lacking in inspiration, it was in free time surprisingly ( Seriously, people were over here everyday)

Anyway, i said i wouldn't bore you with my summer stories, so i won't.

I'll have more for you later this week (which i've already finished, i promise XD) so i'll see you guys later!

Enjoy! :]