Winner of the second poll :) and sort of fitting for the holidays since he's an Elf XD

The background's a bit of a fail but yea, i was focusing on other stuff XD

Enjoy ! :D

PS: Happy Holidays !


Gary Abused by Bruno !

Initially a Request for the Lovely Lollicock of the y!gallery

Remember when i said that i do what i can and draw for you guys and listen to the request and polls, and that i get an itch and just HAVE to draw it ? Well this was pretty much all those things in one

Seriously Lolly, how DARE you put such an idea in my head and just expect me to do NOTHING XD
This is more or less what he wanted, Which is Gary put in his damn place :smug:, and who better to do the Job than Bruno ?

I am REALLY happy with how this came out, especially since i'm starting to put more though into backgrounds now, and i know it's not quite there, but it's start. Also it fits the scene well :D Bruno was probably interrupted from his Training in the Kanto Mountains by Gary, and he toss him over and made him pay for it XD


PS: if this isn't proof that i read ALL the comments, i don't know what is :XD:

Green Lantern's Alone Time

Hey guys ! :-D

I would have put this up earlier but... well, let me not rant and just get to the drawing XD

I'm being a good boy and drawing some of the requests and poll winners as of late, but there comes an itch every now and then, and i just HAVE to draw it XD

I really felt like drawing GL from the Justice League :D So i mixed some of the style from the series, added some of mine, sprinkled some Imagination and VOILA !

GL was one of my favorite characters from Justice League, he Kicked Ass and had a Great team dynamic with pretty much everyone! Honestly i loved any episode with him. Anywhos.

Enjoyyyyy ! And more soon ! :-D


Captain Planet Sucks !

Captain Planet lost the poll, but i NEVER said i wasn't going to draw the losers.

Honestly, this idea popped into my head, and i was like " no way, this is too good to pass up !" And When i saw that he lost, i thought " aww that sucks :/... maybe i should make him suck !" And thus, the Title was born XD

By the way, Just think Horny teenagers, i mean pppffffttt, Fux that ! If i could summon some magic hunk and i was going through puberty and he told me the power was mine, I'd Do things to him :D

XD Enjoyyyy ! :-)


Johnny Bravo

Winner of the Poll ! ( held HERE )

It was between Captain Planet and Johnny Bravo, and although Johnny won, it seems like both were equally desired ( the comments were actually tied, and that counts for something... *hint hint* )

Again remember to check the polls on my y! gallery page often, or follow me on my Twitter K is 4 Yaoi or Facebook Kerry Art i'll let you guys know when a new poll is up.

Enjoy !


Renji Ichi

Imma back !

Seriously, i'm not sure what else there is to say about this one :D
Absence + insperation = Bleach pr0n XD

This piece helped me figure out some things in photoshop, such as custom shapes.

Also yay for Renji tattoos ! This was great practice overall :)



New PokeMen collabs !

Howdy folks !

So one thing i was doing, if you guys were watching me on the y! is doing more collabs with the AWESOME [icon=ad140] of the y! whom I've collaborated with before !

He had loads of time for a little bit so i kicked the sketches into high gear and we managed to finish 4 in about a week ! Still here are 8 of them, since there are some that i haven't updated my blog with yet. I'm also going to be posting Variations of Byron and Bugsy, so look out for those ;D

First I'm going to post them in their order of completion, so :

First it's Crasher Wake ! There was some good demand for him because he's one of those already buff trainer, i mean he's a wrestler people ! come on ! lol

Next is one of [icon=ad140]'s personal favorite trainer :

Falkner ! We were really satisfied with this one and i was happy to be able to hunkify him, cause he looks smoking with some muscles!

Next is the Electric type Gym Leader :

Volkner ! i like this one a lot, i mean Blondie with muscles getting undressed and his fully erect member popping out of his pants... K3rry used FAP ! lol

The next one up was actually a birthday request :

It's Will of the Elite Four ! at first, [icon=ad140] was skeptical and wondered how i would pull it off, and i did ! Hahaha !
Besides it being a gift, the reason i love doing Trainers like Will is because it's a challenge and me drawing them shows proof that with some determination, anything can be slashed to perfection ! lol. Oh and believe it or not, there are some interesting facts about Will that kinda pin him as a bit of a pervert XD.

Now is one of the Real Jaw droppers of the series :

It's Byron ! If you remember what i said before this is actually a Variation of the one posted on the y!, this one has Shorter hair. I like the one with Shorter hair more so here it is, you can check out the other variation HERE. Of course i think i enjoyed drawing this as much as people loved seeing it ( again one of the high demand hot trainers)

The next trainer is not so skinny and scrawny anymore :

It's Bugsy ! Again a variation, the other can be seen HERE. Drawing Bugsy was FUN ! I'll admit it. Once i had the idea of making him a hunky man boy, there was no stopping me ! Heheh... he's like that scout master you've always wanted to get lost in the woods with XD.

The next poke guy was actually in pretty high demand as well :

Drawn actually a while ago, [icon=ad140] did a few tweaks to make it more modern and then BAM ! it was done. Most of these collabs by the way is me drawing the pencil sketch, him doing the inking and coloring ( VERY QUICKLY MIGHT I ADD ! ) and me doing the final touches after we decide on what looks best. I think Koga looks fantastic and many agree ;)

And finally, that Trainer that made Fire Blast Famous !

It's Blaine, one of MY personal favorite trainers. There were a few looks to choose from, but i preferred his Fire Red and Leaf Green look the most, with his Lab coat. I will admit, i have a soft spot ( or maybe hard ) for older guys, so Bara + Older + Glasses = SWOON ! HaHa. I am very pleased with how he turned out, and i proved that old guys can be hot !

Anyway XD, thanks for tunning in and reading all of this ! Don't forget to comment and feel free to suggest who you'd like us to do next ;).

Although we've slowed down a little, we still very much enjoy the series, and I'm glad a lot of you do too !

Much love ! and later !


That Sketchy feeling !

Hello hello people !
How have you been ? OK i hope XD. I apologize for the lack of updates the past month, but things have been up and down for a while, i was sick, my glasses broke, lost my phone, siblings visited... I think you understand.

Either way, if there's one thing i prove with posts that have " Sketch " in the title, it's that although i didn't finish most of them, i have been drawing, so I'm going to share some with you : D !

First in all it's unfinished Glory, is Hariyama, and just so you know these are some sketches I've selected and cleaned up a little from the past 3 months !

Again, for the Pokemon Gijinka club on the y! Never got to finish it :s, i wanted to emphasize the Arm thrust aspect ;D

Next something a little more tame, but cool nonetheless

Tame because i was in a work setting when i drew it, i was thinking Super Genius/ Skater, and this came out. Don't have a name for him yet. Should i do more ? Will i ? heheheheh

Next, is A sketch from The Felix the Cat version of Dinosaur Prince ( which i'm not sure i should be sharing XD). Since it ended up being unused, i feel like i shouldn't let the sketch go to waste.

I was pretty much operating on a Cartoon meets Class Comics look for this. Some Fillion inspiration can be seen I'm sure XD. Either way, i got his hair wrong most of the time, but again, instead of stashing him of into the depth of never too be seen, i figure why not share ? Besides, DP's characters are HOT !

By the way ! if you DO want to see the commission i did for him, Head over to Dinosaur Prince's Kingdom, where it's currently and exclusive, you'll even see the Sketch too !

Next, we have this lovely elf !

Believe it or not, i drew this guy 3 years ago, and he's on my gallery on the y! too XD. Funny thing is i revamp the guy and still have no name for him ! sigh. lol.
Anyway there he is taking his clothes off to take a dip in a hot spring ;), wanna join him ? Also, points if you remember or link me to the original on the y!, Also suggestions for a name are also welcome !

Now, on to... a Ryu Sketch ?!

Ok this one is a SERIOUS W.I.P, but for a long time, hence why it looks a bit dated, i wanted to draw Ryu, but never got around to... well fully anyway XD.
Again, sharing cause i love ya !

And now let's top it off with Waluigi !

OH MY GOD, Waluigi ( Aside from Toad, Midbus and Birdo ) is my Favourite Mario character. Inspiration wasn't exactly on high when i was drawing this, again a while ago, but i think i gave him a wicked tall dark and mysterious look.

That's it for now ! Thanks for reading and Thanks for passing by. I do read the chat box more often then i update and i see the number of visits and members so i'm Glad you like my stuff and i LOVE YOU ALL !!

More soon !


Major Update

Hey guys !

I Already put this on my Y!gallery so I'm just gonna copy and paste it here : ),

Part 1

Hey guys! It's been a while since i haven't updated on my gallery or my Blog, but a lot of things are going on that are basically making me take a forced vacation from my computer.
The first is that I'm sick, better now, had the flu but because of it Halloween was sort of a fail for me...
The next is that my PC was so slow that i finally decided to format it, which most of you know is a must after a while, this also however erases EVERYTHING, so for the last 2 days now, it's been constantly doing updates. So i have to reinstall Photoshop :blah:. I'm actually writing all of this from my Itouch cause my computer is still doing some updates... sigh
oh, and to top it off, my right eye has been red for over 3 days, and i would get eye drops but today is a holiday... Sigh.
Anyway just letting you guys know it'll be absent until all of this ( my health problems and my pc problems ) is better. Happy Halloween indeed.

that was Nov 1rst, next is Nov 2nd :

Hey guys !

First of all, thanks to all the people that have been wondering about me, i really appreciate it and i love you guys too :kiss:.

So anyway, i was talking with [icon=ad140] the other day, and guess what ? turn out you were right ! My right head has been red because i have conjunctivitis !

I went to the eye specialist today and it turns out it's viral and has been going around lately ( now i REALLY wish it was just the Halloween make-up that somehow got in my eye ) and in more awesome news ( sarcasm ) the eye specialist told me that it's gonna be long, and prescribed some eye drops and a gel that i have to put in my eye ( both of them just in case he said ) 5 times a day for 15 days !

In other news, when i formatted my PC it turns out i forgot to take the Photoshop file so now i have to wait on someone who might still have it.

So yea people, in a nut shell I'm am officially on forced vacation :sad:

Man i wish this all didn't make me feel so down... i hope things get better because now i'm unsure of if should go to the gym ( since I'm still not 100% cured of this flu ) and work starts back this Thursday and now i have to tell them why i can't attend a meeting... sigh

I'll still be around :happy:, just not as much :meh:

Just letting you guys know what's going on, as if being busy all the time wasn't bad enough, now i can't do anything that'll be too strenuous for me, cause i literally have to turn my whole head to look at something or my eye will hurt :sad:.

Love you guys, later


Michael Thorton Experiment

Hello again peeps !

This is for my friend Gnin ( Gallery and Blog ) who wanted me to help out with the Alpha Protocol club

I would of posted this days earlier but i had a slight problem last week-end that stopped me from using photoshop, the problem is fixed now so i'm back on track !

Michael Thorton is the main character of Alpha Protocol so i decided to go with some good old torturing.

I tried some different effects so here's the Five different versions :

I had fun with these so i hope you enjoy them ;D ! Yay for characters that aren't slashed enough !


A Wild Gengar Appears

Hey peeps !

So if you've been trolling around the interweb like i have you'd know that a BUNCH of info was leak about pkmn Black and White today ! WOO HOO ! even more of a reason to post up the Gengar drawing !

So over at the Gijinka club on the Y! Gallery it was Gengar week, and there was NO WAY i was going to miss that. Gengar is my Favourite pokemon !
Truth is, he's my favourite because back in the day, i had pokemon Blue and my bro had pokemon Red, and we had our first Level 100 battle. It came down to My Gengar against his Charizard, and i won :). Ever since, good old Gengar holds a dear place in my heart <3

By the way, when you have the time, DO swing over to the Gijinka Club on the y! , There are some impressive and creative Gijinka over there !

See you guys soon !


Tai and the Grays !

The Grays : All your Ass are belong to us !


Well ? What are you waiting for ?! Help Tai and the Other Anti-heroes ! time for some Boot Camp !

Heh ! just helping to promote JC's nifty new Flash game

you can check out the trailer here

I would put the trailer here but Blogger is giving me issues :S , Anyway, enjoy !!


Chuck x Brock Gym leader "training"

Told you guys i was back ; D !

Now just for kicks i'll describe how this came to be, pokemon style:

- [!] : an idea appeared !

*plays battle music*

- K3rry used Photoshop

- The idea is hinting at Brock and Chuck

- K3rry used a reference ! K3rry's Speed rose !

-The idea transformed into lineart of Chuck and Brock !

-The idea used Time consume !

-K3rry is getting hungry...

-K3rry Fled !

K3rry saves, K3rry ate Lunch

K3rry used Photoshop

[!] : The Drawing reappeared !

*plays battle music again*

- K3rry used colors !

- The idea is coming along

-K3rry used Layer Magic

- The Idea used almost done ! K3rry is now hesitant

-K3rry is Hesitant... K3rry used Final touches !

-The idea is now finished

- K3rry is no longer hesitant ! K3rry used Crop !


K3rry finished the Drawing ! Congratulations you drew Chuck and Brock !

Would you like to save ? K3rry saved the drawing !

lol, yes i know i'm silly, anywho :

Gym Leaders Chuck and Brock. This is of course a little pun on the Gym aspect heheh.

Yay for Gym leader Pr0n ! Don't draw Brock too often either, so yay again !
Boy they both seem to be enjoy it :O....*faps*

Anywho, more soon !


Back !


Holy HELL it's been almost 4 MONTHS since my last blog entry, my bad everybody, had quite the busy summer so i couldn't even grace you with these :

I drew Adam ( or better known as the human version of Beast from Beauty and the Beast ) and Naveen from the princess and the frog not only because it was fun, but because i taught me some stuff back then, twas also my first pic with an ok background, as in one that i actually worked on

Since the last skecth post, i created Ghork the space Oni, and that wasn't all i drew, i afterwards tried drawing him with photoshop, it's still only lineart, but worth a look :)

I did two alternate versions, one where he's shaved and one where he only has his pubic hair, but staying true to the original design, i'll show you guys his hairy manly version, lol !

Now this guys i've only shown to very few people, started a skecth back in OPEN CANVAS ( that's how old people ) and this was around the time i was making the transition to photoshop i colored it not exactly recently, but yea, 4 months ain't yesterday XD, sorry sorry.
His name is Abe by the way :D ! Monkey Boy Abe ! and he's my first Anthro Character :D

Finally this is the most recent thing that I've posted on the y! so if you've been keeping up with me, now we're up to speed. And the reason for this ? Training mostly, i'm starting to really know my way around photoshop and also, whenever i don't draw anything in a while and i feel like drawing something dirty, i draw Bleach Pron.... Seriously, like clockwork.

Anywho, i'm Back yall ! More coming at ya real soon !

I'd love to know what you guys think about Abe and Ghork :) so don't you be shy with the comments, you can even curse me out for not updating in almost 4 months, lol.


Artist Ad140 would like to Collab !

Hello again people !

So one day i put a Journal post on my y!Gallery and invited people to chat with me if they'd like, and the artist know as ad140 was one of the peeps at the y! who accepted, and after the formalities he told me he liked my sketches and asked me if he could color some and i said sure !
But boy was i impressed !

First ( though technically his second collab with me ) is Joey, Dinosaur Prince's OC ! i sketched him some time ago cause i really liked Joey, and Ad140 did a fantastic ( not to mention quick ! ) job !

i was in awe of the speed he both Inked and colored this, he said he just enjoys my sketches ( what a sweetheart !! *HUGS* ). Me and Dinosaur Prince were very happy !

Anyway, now on to the pokemon-related title, heheh.

Ad140 was quite found of this particular sketch ( technically the first he inked and colored )

Elite Four Aaron would like to fuck !

Same as Joey he asked me to color it, i said sure, but i was WOWED when he showed me how is was coming along.
It was quick, he got he lines right, i was just ... surprised. Thank again man, you say you just appreciate my art, well i really appreciate this !

Leader Norman would like to fuck !

Going for consistency he decided to keep the background from my Champion Lance pic so he did. Did i mention he did the backgrounds too ?! He made some suggestions that included some ideas for which Guys from Pokemon i could draw ( which will remain Anonymous cause he wants me to surprise him with sketches as well ) Gym Leader Norman came up so i sent him the sketch and voila !

Pokemon Trainer Red would like to fuck !

i started some pics of Elite four men for a club on the y!, but hey, there are some hot trainers out there, so why just limit myself to Elite four members or even Gym leaders ? hot trainers it is ! lol
Pokemon Trainer Red is the Toughest trainer in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I did him extra big for Ad140 since he asked ; ).

That's all for now,

hope you enjoy it and see you next time !



Sketches, the more the merrier !

Hey Guys !

It's back to work for me so i'll have less time to draw or at least focus on drawing until the end of June, to compensate i have some sketches for you guys to enjoy :D !

With Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver out, tis the season to be horny for pokeMen.

Gym Leader Brawly, with a sexy pokeball jock strap on ;) , i'd lose to him everytime if it meants him winning with that secret weapon.

Gym Leader Norman (and your dad in the 3rd gen pokemon games ) stripping, cause he's happy to see you ! and this is completely "Norman" hehe.

Pokemon Trainer Red ! the legend on Mt. Sliver himself ! sure looks bigger, and he looks more muscular too !

Gym Leader Crasher Wake, gets a lot of attention from Bara lovers, so i had to try to do him right. Big, buff and hung, and full of Energy, i think i did ok :D !

Still very much into the pokemon Gijinka idea, unfortunately, no time to finish it, but Enjoy my sexy Lanturn, he was the Previous Pokemon of the week !

I love pokemon, but i drew something else these past few weeks... A new OC !

Meet Ghork, the Space Oni ! yep ! my imagination is very interesting, and believe it or not, i saw him in a dream, then i decided to draw him out the best i could.
he has light blue skin, Black hair and his bodysuit is gray. He's a good guy, but that won't ( and didn't thanks to Gninrom ) stop me from drawing a Raunchy pic of him !

Here Ghork is on a mission with his trusty Jet pack on a planet to find a certain object when he's gets caught by a Ras Flower. Mind you Ras stands for Rape Anything Suspicious ! No assaults from Ras flowers to this day have been fatal, Infact these flowers fall in the humanoid category ( i'll draw one when i have the time ) and are quite docile. Some people keep some as Guardians, and all they want in return is just some sex, and the sex is goooood.

I haven't created a well though out OC in a while and i really like Ghork and have a good feeling about him, i could really see myself doing some interesting stuff with him in the future, and i hope you like him to :)

Hope you've enoyed the sketches ! here ! i even Inked the first Ghork pic, and i'll leave you with that ! hope you're all doing well ! HUGS !