Show me ya moves !

Howdy folks ! He lost the poll to Link on the Y! gallery, so he's assuming the position !

Although most people like Captain Falcon for the lol factor ( add FALCON before any kind of action, i.e FALCON TYPE!! ) He is, one of the hottest and popular Nintendo characters out there. Period. Almost any fan remembers and knows the ever awesome fact that he has buttons right over his nipples, which is one sexy innuendo.

Of course, this is one of his most popular phrases, so i had to play on it! Seriously ever since Super Smash bros. melee, character models have been top notch! ( Have you seen Snake's booty in Brawl ?!)

P.S this was supposed to be done and posted a WHILE ago, so sorry for the wait.



Val Hallen Discovers Porn!

So no Bleach Pr0n this time ( ....yet ?) , But after seeing THIS, and as my comment would show, i had a sudden urge to draw Val Hallen!

If you're a somewhat rare child of the 90's like me, then you probably grew up with the same cartoons and video games i did. Of these cartoons, one of them was Dexter's Laboratory, which had it's own Spin super hero parody show, The Justice Friends ( complete with a studio audience laughs XD ). Val was a really space-cased and laid back character, and i can't help but hear him say " Dude ! this is rad!" or something of the sort when i see what i drew. hahaha.

Anyway, ENJOYYYYY!!!