Muscles, Hair & Cum Everywhere !

Hey Everyone !
So taking a little break from the trainer series to bring you all my part of an Art trade with the ever so awesome Branchlaw ! Who's Y! Gallery you can see HERE and Tumblr HERE

Branch is very kind and i can't refuse an Art-trade from someone kind enough to always leave comments on the y! Seriously! ... i was raised better... lol, Anyway this was kinda great timing because on his Facebook i saw a rant concerning Art-trades and though he's better now, i though, what AWESOME TIMING !

So here you are, My part of the Trade, His O.Cs Sam and and Malcom, doing as requested by him : "[...] how about my OCs Sam and Malcolm? I'm fine with them doing anything as long as there's a ton of cum in it. Also, Sam's balls should be a lot bigger than Malcolm's." :D

Well there you are man! I like to note that i did this in Record time XD. About 7 or 8 hours , or one afternoon really, and i'm talking from Blank canvas to full, jizz-covered and colored pic, and only like a Day...no, a NIGHT after i got the Trade info XD.
I'm not gonna lie to you, when i drew this i got a Boner XD. In other words, the boner is sort of like a verification that i'm doing this pic right, so that was awesome, LOL.

Anyway, Malcom and Sam are Hot, and yes i have a soft spot for OCs, but Branch's O.Cs have some very distinct characteristics, which is something i love to pick up on when i'm drawing original characters. For example i respected the chest hair the way they appear on his renditions of the characters, and i also have fun experimenting how i could make those spots on Malcom's skin appear ( Lol Yes, i am VERY precise when it comes to details that make characters who they are)

I loved doing this, it was a very nice change of pace and an awesome learning experience, since i added a few things in this pic i usually don't work on.

Also here's a "No Jizz" Version bonus for you guys here only.

I think you can see Sam's Hole really well without all the Jizz, not that it's a problem, but both pics are hot in their own way, or at least i think so.

Anyway, Hope you enjoy it Folk, and especially You Branch.

He's gonna do my O.C Ghork and his OC Moore :D! And yes i'm all giddy cause i always am when someone draws my characters.

I Heart you all! Bye for now!


Pokemon Trainers : Special training

Hey folks ! haven't updated the old blog in a while. A lot of stuff has been going on in my life and some of it still is.... Sigh, but as you can tell from the title, it's not a Rant post but a Pokemon trainer slash post !
A little while ago on the y!gallery i made a journal asking folks which Pokemon trainers they would like me to draw, picking two and telling me who would top and who would bottom. I ended up getting a LOT of responses, so, even though i know it's going to be tough, i decided to turn it into a series!

First up are Lt. Surge in Volkner in "More" Gym Leader training.

I made this pretty much as a continuation of my Chuck x Brock pic Which you can see HERE, Simply because it took me very little time ( comparatively i mean ) to draw this, just like the Chuck x Brock pic.
Thus, i decided that for the series I'd respect that code of ethics of not taking forever to finish the drawings and not spend forever on the tiny fixes. This is important because i will be much more productive that way. Anyway Lt. Surge Topping Volkner really hit the Spot idea wise ( and hotness-wise ) for me so i drew them first, and someone even mentioned that Lt. Surge looks like Duke Nukem ! LOL

Next up is two very anticipated trainers, Alder and Marshal, this time in "Elite" Training

For those of you that are not Pokemon fans, i agree with many others that the Fifth Generation of Pokemon graced us with some HOT ASS TRAINERS ! Marshal ( the bottom ) is part of the Elite four and Alder is the Champion in Pokemon Black and White. I LOVE how it turned out! ( despite the excessive time i spent on fixes, which i wasn't supposed to do ) I think The cell shading style works really well for the series so I'll keep at it.

Next up are two Team Rocket Members that came in ( though technically they were Re-introduced) in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. So Here they are, Proton and Archer in some Team Rocket R&R !

When the idea for this hit me, i had an absolute BLAST drawing it ! It's a Shame these two don't get more attention but hey, unless the characters are original, new, or recurring, they tend to fade into the background. Anyway, i had and idea of these two Rocket Admins celebrating a job well done in the HQ's showers, maybe putting on a show to congratulate the troops? Either way, i'm loving it!

Alright that's it for now, Definitely expect more in the future! including some of my own choices and Pairing! I gotta say one thing though, as an artist, some of these trainers have some of the craziest hair i have ever drawn XD.

On another note, people are still welcome to drop Pokemon trainer requests, here or on the y!gallery, and please know that even though i'm putting most of my attention towards this i will still be drawing other things, speaking of which i've already gotten a Bleach request and i was thinking of drawing the Crimson Chin from the Fairly Odd Parents :D hehehe, *hint hint*

Enjoy Folks !