Muscles, Hair & Cum Everywhere !

Hey Everyone !
So taking a little break from the trainer series to bring you all my part of an Art trade with the ever so awesome Branchlaw ! Who's Y! Gallery you can see HERE and Tumblr HERE

Branch is very kind and i can't refuse an Art-trade from someone kind enough to always leave comments on the y! Seriously! ... i was raised better... lol, Anyway this was kinda great timing because on his Facebook i saw a rant concerning Art-trades and though he's better now, i though, what AWESOME TIMING !

So here you are, My part of the Trade, His O.Cs Sam and and Malcom, doing as requested by him : "[...] how about my OCs Sam and Malcolm? I'm fine with them doing anything as long as there's a ton of cum in it. Also, Sam's balls should be a lot bigger than Malcolm's." :D

Well there you are man! I like to note that i did this in Record time XD. About 7 or 8 hours , or one afternoon really, and i'm talking from Blank canvas to full, jizz-covered and colored pic, and only like a Day...no, a NIGHT after i got the Trade info XD.
I'm not gonna lie to you, when i drew this i got a Boner XD. In other words, the boner is sort of like a verification that i'm doing this pic right, so that was awesome, LOL.

Anyway, Malcom and Sam are Hot, and yes i have a soft spot for OCs, but Branch's O.Cs have some very distinct characteristics, which is something i love to pick up on when i'm drawing original characters. For example i respected the chest hair the way they appear on his renditions of the characters, and i also have fun experimenting how i could make those spots on Malcom's skin appear ( Lol Yes, i am VERY precise when it comes to details that make characters who they are)

I loved doing this, it was a very nice change of pace and an awesome learning experience, since i added a few things in this pic i usually don't work on.

Also here's a "No Jizz" Version bonus for you guys here only.

I think you can see Sam's Hole really well without all the Jizz, not that it's a problem, but both pics are hot in their own way, or at least i think so.

Anyway, Hope you enjoy it Folk, and especially You Branch.

He's gonna do my O.C Ghork and his OC Moore :D! And yes i'm all giddy cause i always am when someone draws my characters.

I Heart you all! Bye for now!