Happy New Year !!

See, i knew this pic would end up being a Happy New Year pic :)

As i may or may not have mentioned before, These are my O.Cs Xy, Arden and Justin, and at first this was supposed to be a solo of Arden, which could explain a lot. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone !!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again To Dominic and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance to JC . Check out both Dominic's and JC's wonderful blogs at DHC Undergroud and anti-heroes : the blog , they're both in my links sections ! ;), o and by the way, thanks for the linkage JC !!

I'm still a little sick, but my cousins are gone, which is kinda bitter sweet, because i had a blast with them, but at least now i'll be able to draw again ! I've had a bunch of new ideas and request AND unfinished work ! so i'm glad that i can finally get started on them all :D.

So once again, Happy new year everyone and CHEERS to more to cum ! (and hopefully soon ! )

P.S : this one is the full view one by the way. It was supposed to be the final pic but there was something missing that i was to tired, lazy and irrated to add, but enjoy it anyway !


Just Saying hi

Lol, well ... Hi !!

i'm still very busy with my family and stuff, but i did start coloring one pic in the preview post before they arrived

Sure, it's only the skin colours i've done so far, but they don't look too shabby :) . For those of you who don't know these guys, they're my O.C s ( original characters ), from left to right, Xy, Arden and Justin. I think this is gonna end up being a happy new year pic, o well .
I can't wait to draw new stuff and not to mention finish all the stuff i already have on my laptop for you guys. And hopefully my internet won't be bugging as much by then either :{ .

Anyways, See you guys Later, HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!