The Preview Post !

Hey Yall ! i'm gonna do an brief entry to show you guys what i've finished in the my long to do list of drawings. These are only previews, and have been "digitized" to the fullest yet, i've only adjust the constrast for most of them.

I guess you can say that's what i've "Scanned" so far, so i have to work on them. also i have a lot more on my list that i've yet to draw. *sigh* i'll do my best !! even thow my works have been very O.C driven latetly, i still got your request, don't worry.
Enjoy these, and bye for now ;D !!


Johnny Cage Fanart !

Johnny Cage WINS !! FRIENDSHIP !!

This is actually a couple of weeks old :/ , and i finally decided to finish it up !! :D so YAY !! lol. I love Johnny Cage, he's one of my fav Mortal Kombat Characters, and not to mention a very sexy ass dude XD. I drew this one fairly quickly (for some reason i have very little trouble drawing MK dudes ) but took forever to do the coloring process, and i aslo colored it and a way that would make his muscles shiny looking...and hard bodied... and ..... wet.....*drool*

lol, enjoy, i'll post this on my Y! gallery soon and you'll be able to see it there.

Here's to another slash-tastic hommage of MK ! lol

BYE ! and ENJOY ;D .