Johnny Cage Fanart !

Johnny Cage WINS !! FRIENDSHIP !!

This is actually a couple of weeks old :/ , and i finally decided to finish it up !! :D so YAY !! lol. I love Johnny Cage, he's one of my fav Mortal Kombat Characters, and not to mention a very sexy ass dude XD. I drew this one fairly quickly (for some reason i have very little trouble drawing MK dudes ) but took forever to do the coloring process, and i aslo colored it and a way that would make his muscles shiny looking...and hard bodied... and ..... wet.....*drool*

lol, enjoy, i'll post this on my Y! gallery soon and you'll be able to see it there.

Here's to another slash-tastic hommage of MK ! lol

BYE ! and ENJOY ;D .

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