Character Sketch : Frank Underburger

Hey there everyone ! A couple of days ago, i took interest in a comic idea from one of my friends from the y!gallery known as Costa69, and as Franky KC on DA. His comic's idea is fantastic ! so i told him that even thow i'm busy most of the time, i'll try to help him in anyway i can.

I asked him what would his character look like so i could try to make a sketch of him , and that's how it turned out. This is just a sketch, but i think i got his character right. Check out his great idea on the DA page he made for it : http://toy-robot-comic.deviantart.com/ . The name is Toy Robot, and the main character is young Frank Underburger. Hope you like it as much as i do.

Also, don't be afraid to leave comments about what you think of the skecth after you've read the idea, because that would help.

Thanks !!


Marvel Warrior Boys Request.

Hey ya ! Just posting it here because E307 said it was ok. He only asked for line art, but i might color this one later because i like it XD .
Enjoy !


Happy Valentines Day !

I drew a super powered Justin for you all to enjoy ! Happy Valentines' Day !!

Request Consideration !!

Hi everyone ! so this what i've decided to do when i have a request. When i'm done with the lineart i'll post it here ! and if the requester ( if that a word ) likes how it looks, i'll proceed to either clean it up if he / she wanted line art or color it if he/she wanted it in color.

So without further ado, here's one of the Request ! :

This is E307's Request from the y!gallery, who wanted some slash of the Marvel Warrior Boys, Marvel Boy, Nova and Speedball . I'll explain the idea later if you guys and E307 of course decide that it's good enough when i post it .

For what it's worth, i DO like how this one looks, so much so that i might even color it eventually ( i was supposed to just do line art ).

alright everyone ! Comment away !


Taking Request ! and posting an old one !

Hello Everyone !! Just doing a quick post to inform you all that i'm taking 3 request as of today, and you can see their status here in a new feature i've added.

Max Darc for Kazekanzaki (Y!Gallery)

Of course, they're free ! i still think i need to improve a bit before i decide to go a step further and take commission . If you want, you drop a request here by just leaving a comment.

You can request either :

- Lineart ( which will take the less time to complete )

- Simple color job ( see my Absol pic from the previous post )

-Heavy Layer color Job ( see my Too Powerful pic from the previous post, will take the most time to finish )

I ask that you try to be precise about what you want, and yes there aren't that many spots so far, because i still have a few things i have to finish.

I will also most probably post the sketches here so that the requesters and others can decide if they like it or not. :), should be fun .

See yall !!


Teasers no more !!

Hi everyone, i've colored all everything from the Preview Post 2, plus 2 more, Enjoy ! :D







Spoink VS Pachirisu


White Magical Hat

Friendship : Nightwolf and Stryker

Ganondorf Posing

The Captain's Toy


Falcon's Waiting

Too Powerful !!

P.S : These took a lot out of me, so i'm kindly asking everyone to hold on to their request until i have some energy again. Thank you : ) .