Request Consideration !!

Hi everyone ! so this what i've decided to do when i have a request. When i'm done with the lineart i'll post it here ! and if the requester ( if that a word ) likes how it looks, i'll proceed to either clean it up if he / she wanted line art or color it if he/she wanted it in color.

So without further ado, here's one of the Request ! :

This is E307's Request from the y!gallery, who wanted some slash of the Marvel Warrior Boys, Marvel Boy, Nova and Speedball . I'll explain the idea later if you guys and E307 of course decide that it's good enough when i post it .

For what it's worth, i DO like how this one looks, so much so that i might even color it eventually ( i was supposed to just do line art ).

alright everyone ! Comment away !


E-307 said...

Took me awhile to figure out how to leave a comment here...*sweatdrop*
Looks good so far! Random Question: Why's Nova the only one in his mask?

K3rry said...

Well, that's the thing, i hope you wouldn't mind, because i know you wanted them to be naked, but i couldn't really find any ( good ) references for Nova without his mask. Also, i think people would of been able to recognize him better, i might also have to do with the idea, which basicly was that one day, these guys get horny and decide to litterally pick up and Fuck each other. Other that, there isn't much i can add to this one due to the limited space i had on my piece of paper, lol.