Oh my god ! i think i'm gonna cry .

Hi everybody !! Well, i have a confession to make. My little art hiatus isn't the only reason i haven't been drawing lately, the other reason is because i've stumbled upon a Goldmine of FANTASTIC gay themed movies !!

It all started with "Formula 17"

This is a Taiwanese movie, which means subtitles, but i'm used to that. This movie is a Hilarious and a light hearted romantic comedy that settled and sealed my decision for the past (and possibly following ) week ! which of course was " I HAVE TO FIND MORE OF THESE MOVIES !!".

The funny story is that i totally download this movie by mistake ! lol. One of the best mistakes i've made in a while indeed ! so off to the internet i went and discovered a goldmine !

The second movie that i loved so much that i've seen 4 times in 2 days on this growing list of movies is "Latter Days". I must say that i absolutly love this movie and that i could watch it over and over and never get tired of it. This movie has great actors ,a great story and a romantic tale that will touch any and everyone that sees it. I have a strong heart and don't get persuaded or touched by much, but this movie made me almost cry 3 TIMES the first time i watched it !!! The funny story behind this one is that i actually saw the movie on Youtube !! lol, the entire movie is actually on Youtube and divided into 11 parts beleive it or not.

The third movie i saw was the Funny ass film "Another Gay Movie"

This movie is Largely and by all means a Gay parody of the movie "American Pie". But in all honestly i laughed and enjoyed this movie so much that i saw it much more as a gay version of "American pie" rather then a parody, because it does great hommage to a lot of elements in gay culture. This sex comedy is definitly top of it's class and has some hilarious moments and a funny/outrageous cast.

Now onto the Best Movie ( in my opinion ) of this category that i've seen so far , and that's " Beautiful Thing ".
I'm not sure if it's because i related so deeply to this movie or not, but this is by far the most OUTSTANDING AND DOWNRIGHT BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE !! This movie actually made me CRY !! that has NEVER happened before !! The story is so sad and beautiful at the same time that it's a refreshing splash in the face. This movie is a realistic and honest look into the lives of two teenage boys who discover their emerging sexualities and love for each other while dealing with the problems of their own lives. This movie's only downfall would have to be it's sometimes overwhelmig british accent, but that's it. The cast in this movie is Fantastic and so beleivable it's scary. I can't give you any more details because you simply have to see this movie for your self.
My hunt continues as i'll try to find more of these Fantastic and worthwhile movies and share them with you. I'm already looking foward to watching " Just a Question of Love", which is french so i won't mind, " Summer Storm" which i've heard is great, "Adam & Steve " lol the name says it all, "Bishonen" which is another oriental movie, "Burnt Money" Which i've heard is the Spanish Version of "Brockeback Mountain" and a Really good movie, "The Journey of Jared price" that's about a gay guy that doesn't want to accept his homosexuality or the love of his friend, "Regular guys" that's a german film that i've heard is just great and funny, and " Out of Hand" that's caught my attention because of all the positive things i've heard about it... *inhale* phew, lol
i hope you check out these movies and tell me if i've missed any that you think are good.
I'll see you guys, BYE !!
P.S : yes, i have seen Brokeback Mountain by the way, and i loved it, but i though that it was more about two straight guys that happen to love each other and have no idea where to go from there, than a gay themed movie, which if i'm not mistaken is what it was supposed to be, just a really good movie. ;)


Well color me happy !

Hello everyone ! First and foremost i'd like to say that i'm TRULY sorry for the lack of new art on my part, but between the reason i gave you all in one my previous post, being busy and having not a lot of free time, and not mention AN EARTHQUAKE !! i can't seem to get things in order, at least not yet anyway...

I've got some new stuff for you all but that will all come...in time my friends...in time ... lol.

So now, let's focus on this post ! I've decided to color an old sketch of mine, that you might remember from my Y!gallery. Of All my past work ( lool, even thow it hasn't been THAT long yet ) this one was and is important to me, because it raised the bar for me. Of all my old sketches, this is the one where i think i did a really good job with the anatomy and muscles of one of my characters. Obviously, this guy is one of my creations, and therefore one of my ocs, so you might see more of him in the future :).

So in the end, as a treat for you and for me , i've fused together and old sketch and my new coloring style to give you different versions of my beautiful Angel ...

And my Fav version :

Please Enjoy them all !

Hugz !!