Well color me happy !

Hello everyone ! First and foremost i'd like to say that i'm TRULY sorry for the lack of new art on my part, but between the reason i gave you all in one my previous post, being busy and having not a lot of free time, and not mention AN EARTHQUAKE !! i can't seem to get things in order, at least not yet anyway...

I've got some new stuff for you all but that will all come...in time my friends...in time ... lol.

So now, let's focus on this post ! I've decided to color an old sketch of mine, that you might remember from my Y!gallery. Of All my past work ( lool, even thow it hasn't been THAT long yet ) this one was and is important to me, because it raised the bar for me. Of all my old sketches, this is the one where i think i did a really good job with the anatomy and muscles of one of my characters. Obviously, this guy is one of my creations, and therefore one of my ocs, so you might see more of him in the future :).

So in the end, as a treat for you and for me , i've fused together and old sketch and my new coloring style to give you different versions of my beautiful Angel ...

And my Fav version :

Please Enjoy them all !

Hugz !!



Absinthe Studios said...

Hmmmm, but what's that Angel got under his loincloth! ;) Keep up the good work man and don't worry about few responses. Blogs aren't always interactive but they usually give you lots of traffic. :)

mountii said...

hot to the pt of non stop

K3rry said...

Ok, Absinthe studios : lol, you perv, and thanks, i know, i'll on putting some attention grabbers here ;), and Mountii, Thanks !! i have to check out your blog, it looks interesting :D .