New Commission Info

Hi everyone, First up, commissions are open again !

Here i can give you more in depth info on the prices and how the commissions will go down.

First here are the prices and examples :

There are two Categories : "All digital drawing" and "From Scratch Drawing"

For All Digital Drawings :

1 Character = 40 $
2 Characters = 60 $

Here are some examples :

1 character :

2 characters :

Like the Categories' name implies. these commissions will be done only with digital methods and soft-wares such as Open Canvas and Photoshop. This will take less time overall and will leave plenty of room for little fixes here and there.

For From Scratch Drawings :

1 Character = 50 $
2 Characters = 75 $

Here are some examples :

1 character :

2 characters :

Again, like the title implies, these drawing will start from scratch.In this category i will start with a pencil sketch which i will later ink and color digitally. This allows a greater level of detail a lots more freedom when digitally inking and coloring.
Addition info

- No matter what you chose, any extra character will cost 20$ extra per character.

- No matter what you chose, a color finish like the one here it will cost 5$ extra, if not, there's no extra charge, and the coloring will be kept simple and effective, like here

- Background : price will vary with the difficulty. I won't give outrageous prices, but just know that there might be an additional fee. If you don't want a fancy background, again there will be no extra charges and the background will either be plain white or single colored and effective, like here

Payment Method : Paypal
Slots Available : 6

Slots and progress can be seen here on the right, or on my y!gallery page.
If you are interested please contact me at kboythe13th9@hotmail.com , from there i will give you my paypal information and any additional information you might ask for.
I WILL NOT start working on the commissions until the money has been sent. You can also send references for your characters and/or details and/or the description to that address, remember try to be precise !

For All digital drawings I'll send you the lineart once it's about 60% to 80% done, this is when you'll tell me if any changes or retries are necessary ( re-doing lineart is limited), and please do tell me if something needs changing, i know this is very professional but i don't bite

Example :

What i will send :

What it might look like after a few tweaks :

For From Scratch drawings, i will send you the unfinished pencil sketch, no matter how dirty it will most probably appear, please remember that they will be inked digitally. The pencil sketches are simply for the details and general concept, things can be added or removed to the inked lineart :

Example :

What i will send

afterwards : ( shyguy removed) ( eyes changed, image cropped, legs more defined )

And the final drawing :

Okay, that about covers everything.
Thanks for reading this and possibly commissioning me.


It's Toad !

Hey guys ! Just providing you with the blog post for my Toad drawing. I had a poll over at the y! gallery , and Toad won the poll, I'm sorry this is so late, my internet connection has been horrible lately, but here it is ! and two alt versions included ! enjoy !!

Oh and PS ! a quick shout out to JCEtheredge , who posted a Toad pic on the y! at practically the same time as me, lool it was so weird...hehe


Back from the Hospital !!!!

Hi guys !

I was going to tell you that last week Tuesday that i was sick but i was so exhausted from it that i didn't have the strenght.
Yes i say "it" because i don't know what i have ( hopefully had ).
Long story short i was really sick (i was red, hands and feet were swollen and my skin broke out everywhere) and come last week Thursday i wasn't feeling any better so my mom was so worried that she urged us to take me to the hospital and i've been in the hospital Since last week Thursday and i was released Wednesday of this week.

I too have to admit that it's a little scary to be feeling so bad and five blood test later they still don't know what i have, a virus, a bacteria... well either way, i'm feeling much better now, a lil tired since i'm out of the Hospital, but better in comparaison to last week ( at least it doesn't hurt to move now )

I also wanted to add that i added one of those chat box things, so feel free to leave a comment there ok ? I also haven't gotten the time to tell you guys that.
I'm also trying to ignore the first stupid comment left by someone who has nothing better to do.
(Jesus... i come back from the hospital to this )

Anyway, Love you guys and i hope i feel better soon enough to start drawing again.
Until then or sooner ! bye !


Lower Res ?

Hey yall !

Well i'm just letting you know that i just realised that Blogger lowers the Res ( resolution ) of pics, which is annoying but i'll see what i can do about it, perhaps links to other pages or higher res pics ? i'll see. But i'm just letting you guys know, I'm not the one doing that .

Anyway, i don't want to let this post go on with giving you guys a little something. So just know that i have about ... 5 drawings on my computer that aren't finished yet, so just know that whenever i have the time i'll be hard at work on them.

why here's two right now ... and...

Wait, is that ... Bando ? From Naruto ? Clash of Ninja revolution 2 ? and...

Is that... ? Pico ? From the F-zero Series ? swinging his Junk around ?

could be ? ... heh

That's it for now people. have fun with the W.I.P


--Please Insert : KENPACHI PR0N ! --


Man it's been a WHILE since i updated my blog. I'm really sorry, it's just that with work, then summer, then my birthday, then being sick, then work again... lol, i've been pretty busy.
But more importantly i've aslo held back back from posting now and then because i'm exploring a new style !! ;-O

More on that in a just a moment, right now, on with the smut !!

Kenpachi's Hole !

Finished this around July, and basically at the time i was in the mood for some pr0n and i've been wanting to draw a Bleach Character for a while, so there you go !
And what i said when i posted this back then still stands. Where the hell is all the porn of this guy ?!?
Of all the Bleach characters, to me it seems like Kenpachi's BEGGING to be slashed and in ways like this too ! * sigh* oh well

--please insert : " that's why i'm here for, right ?" line here"--- thank you----


Here's something for all you Kslash Faithfuls

Kenpachi's Hole ( Alt Version )

Shh, don't tell nobody....lol
This is actually SUPER late, i made this one litterally not more then a DAY after i finished the first one. * sigh* oh well

-- please insert : "i'm always so busy" line here--- thank you ---


Okay, now for my most recent Kenpachi drawing.

This one was a commission for fleetingbynight, a friend over at the y!gallery.
He wanted me to draw Kenpachi fucking Renji and try to imagine it as a follow up to my Kenpachi pic, even though it was horribly late, MAN did i have fun drawing this !!

Kenpachi's w'hole' Reason

Don't you think the title's clever ? heheh
There MUST have been some reason Kenpachi was convinced to do this kind of thing, even if he was tied up. Maybe it's because he's have a chance to fuck Renji ?

Oh yes ! while we're here, that commission was done in my new style ! Tell me what you think okay ? i'm very pleased with it, and i have to Thank Gnin for all the Knowledge he's shared with me so far. I'm still very honored dude.

--Please Insert : "Artist Shout out" here--- Thank you ---

His stuff is pretty Amazing too ! Don't forget to check it out ! and maybe drop a comment in his dimension : Gnin's Dimension

He even drew me some Smurf pr0n for my birthday !

That guy has the magic touch, he'll draw toons in ways i'd never imagine and i'll find it amazing... and HOT ! He also has some of Finest fan-art around, he's switching computers right now, but be sure to him ask for a commish soon, okay ?

That's all for now folks !!

--please insert the word i always say here : ENJOY !!


Go ! Machoke Post !!

Lol XD hey Yall ! it's a few days late, but here's the Machoke pic and some Varriations for ya !

For those who don't play Pokemon, that's Machoke, and ever since i started drawing Human-mon pics, LOTS of people have asked me to draw this Superpower Pokemon.

Machoke Line art

I think i'm gonna start posting the Line art of all my works for you guys too, so you can see how it looked before coloring. I started drawing this a WHILE ago, but only finished it last week, i spent an all nighter on it to !

Go ! Machoke !!

I really like how he came out ! i dunno, when i think Machoke, i think some HOT ans OILED up Wrestler HUNK... so yea, lol here you go !

Man i tell you, drawing this made me realise how much i hate my day job, because if i was Working at the time, i would have never gotten time, focus and energy to finish it. *sigh*
alas, i need the money ( heh, commissions anyone ? )

Anyway, Enjoy !!

Go ! Machoke !! Darker and Lighter Versions


New Commission Info !

Hey Guys !

I am now currently open for commissions again. I realised that i put my info on my y!gallery but not here, so here's the info :

Line art :

- 1 Character = 8 $

-- 2 Characters = 12 $

--- 3 Characters = 15 $

Colored Work :

- 1 Character = 20 $

-- 2 Characters = 25 $

--- 3 Characters = 33 $

+ Any extra character is + 5$ per character.


- Rude commissioners are not welcome !
I am very nice : ) , and don't be afraid to ask me questions. Don't play smart with me either, if you make any vulgar or disrespectful comments and/or Remarks, i'll send your money right back and your commission will remain unfinished.

- I do allow retries though i try to avoid them by asking you to be as precise as possible. As i said before, i am nice persone, so it's ok to ask me to add or remove a little something here or there if it suits you !

- My Payment Method is Paypal ! it's simple and easy to use.

- If you are interested, leave a comment or send it to this e-mail kboythe13th9@hotmail.com.

PHEW ! ok, that's pretty much it ! so there isn't much else left to say execpt what good ol Xy's gonna say

Xy's Ready !

Man, i show my O.Cs no love, heh... sorry guys, you'll get your turn some day ...


Majin Buu !!

Hey people !! it's been a while since i updated my blog, i'm such a naughy boy XD.
lol, anyway. I finshed this drawing about a month ago, for a very good friend of mine on the y! whose a big fan of Majin Buu.
I'll be posting the Lineart, color and finished pics for you guys

Lol, i just remembered, when i drew this, i gave him such a huge penis, lol. Hurray for photoshop !

Majin Buu Do for You
If some of you wanna try their hand at coloring my lineart, drop me a comment, and go right ahead, then post or give me a link so that i can link it or post it to this page.
and here's the very early lineart i was talking about :

heheh. Remember to click on comments people, and request are always welcome !


Recent addictions !

Hello again erbody !
So truth be told, drawing isn't the only thing that's kept me side tracked lately.

As you may know, i'm a bit of a video game nerd, and my fandom has been loyal to Nintendo for as long as i can remember :).

These days i've been hooked on... i'd say Three games, Madworld (for the Wii), Pokemon Platinum and Rhythm Heaven ( for the DS )
I'll start with Madworld !

HOLY S**T is this game AWSOME !! Don't worry about this pic above, it's the only decent box art pic i could find, because this game is an M-Rated game all the way !
I beleive this is what people who keep complaining about nintendo have been asking for. This game Oozes some incredible style and some bloody, gory and hilarious gameplay.

Gotta say that there's nothing less to expect from a bad ass chainsaw prostetic arm having main character named Jack.
The story in the game makes sense and you'd be surprised at how deep and interesting it can be. Without giving away spoilers, Varrigan City has been attacked by terrorist who have blocked off all the exits to the city trapping everyone there. They also released a virus in the air that's poisoned everyone in Varrigan city, and they'll only get the antidote if they kill and survive. Thus begins DeathWatch and the Madness that is... Well... Madworld !
And of course, i wouldn't be posting this here if i didn't mention that i find Jack surprisingly Hot !

I swear that i tried not to drool at some of the cut scenes, being an artist makes you notice such things, like his big burly chest, strong arms and tight pants and... erm, well ... you get the picture.
heh, don't be shocked if you see some slash of this guy curtesy of moi in the future.
Moving on to the DS and starting with Platinum

Being a Nintendo fan, it should come as no suprise that this is on my recent addictions list. Pokemon has got the be Nintendo's best and strongest worldwide money making gem, and i know why. Even thought it's unfortunaly hard to explain, pokemon is one the deepest and most heavily strategy based RPGs out there, period. It's not all about some annoying little mouse ! trust me !!

If you've never played a pokemon game, and have always wondered what all the fuss is about, you should pic this one up, others like me who already do will still and probably already have picked this one up.
Since this is way better then it's predecessors by comparison, i'm really enjoy this game, and i have to give kudos to this great Speech that Cynthia gave in the game ( when you reach to the reverse world you'll know what i'm talking about ). And it's also the reason i've been inspired to draw human-mon again : )
And finally we arrive to Rhythm Heaven

O my EFFING GOD, i am addicted to this game ! i don't think i've ever played a game with simpler controls that's been so hooking and challenging.
Being the same team behind WarioWare, it's no surprise that this game has some cute and quirky style and charm, but don't let that fool you, this game won't go easy on you when you go off the beats.
the somewhat daunting difficulty aside, you' ll have a blast playing this game when you get the hang of it !

My favourite music game of Rhythm Heaven is Blue Birds hands down. If there's one thing you should really beware of is this game infectious beats that you'll be humming in your head long after you've powered off your DS. I swear to you, i went to beach last Sunday and kept singing " Stretch out you NECK ! " as i swam, which actually felt like it was boosting my strenght ! LOL !
Tap, Tap and hold, and Flick, that's the only three things you'll be doing in this game, following the beats and keeping the rhythm is where the really fun starts.
Pick this one up and devote yourself to it, and you'll find out why i can't stop saying " Peck you beak !" and "Stretch out your NECK ! " at least 20 times a day.
I Also recently bought i DSi , which i love !! (especially since i got it on April 3rd before the US release date, aaaaahhhh, nationalities and connections... heh )
So yea ! insperation, ideas and good vibes come from these addictions, who ever said there was no connection between side-tracked and on-track ?