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Man it's been a WHILE since i updated my blog. I'm really sorry, it's just that with work, then summer, then my birthday, then being sick, then work again... lol, i've been pretty busy.
But more importantly i've aslo held back back from posting now and then because i'm exploring a new style !! ;-O

More on that in a just a moment, right now, on with the smut !!

Kenpachi's Hole !

Finished this around July, and basically at the time i was in the mood for some pr0n and i've been wanting to draw a Bleach Character for a while, so there you go !
And what i said when i posted this back then still stands. Where the hell is all the porn of this guy ?!?
Of all the Bleach characters, to me it seems like Kenpachi's BEGGING to be slashed and in ways like this too ! * sigh* oh well

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Here's something for all you Kslash Faithfuls

Kenpachi's Hole ( Alt Version )

Shh, don't tell nobody....lol
This is actually SUPER late, i made this one litterally not more then a DAY after i finished the first one. * sigh* oh well

-- please insert : "i'm always so busy" line here--- thank you ---


Okay, now for my most recent Kenpachi drawing.

This one was a commission for fleetingbynight, a friend over at the y!gallery.
He wanted me to draw Kenpachi fucking Renji and try to imagine it as a follow up to my Kenpachi pic, even though it was horribly late, MAN did i have fun drawing this !!

Kenpachi's w'hole' Reason

Don't you think the title's clever ? heheh
There MUST have been some reason Kenpachi was convinced to do this kind of thing, even if he was tied up. Maybe it's because he's have a chance to fuck Renji ?

Oh yes ! while we're here, that commission was done in my new style ! Tell me what you think okay ? i'm very pleased with it, and i have to Thank Gnin for all the Knowledge he's shared with me so far. I'm still very honored dude.

--Please Insert : "Artist Shout out" here--- Thank you ---

His stuff is pretty Amazing too ! Don't forget to check it out ! and maybe drop a comment in his dimension : Gnin's Dimension

He even drew me some Smurf pr0n for my birthday !

That guy has the magic touch, he'll draw toons in ways i'd never imagine and i'll find it amazing... and HOT ! He also has some of Finest fan-art around, he's switching computers right now, but be sure to him ask for a commish soon, okay ?

That's all for now folks !!

--please insert the word i always say here : ENJOY !!

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