Fan Girl Scream !!! Junjou Romantica !!!!!!

Hey everyone ! Since Season 2 has started in Japan, i've decided to let you guys in on this wonder Yaoi, Junjou Romantica !
This isn't your typical lovey-dovey anime either, especially if in there's some serious sexual harrassment going on in the first episode ! no joke.
Yes, can you beleive it ! this is a gay themed anime and it has 24 episodes in total ! and it's popular ! i think we're making progress here ! lol

The show follows the story of 3 couples, Misaki and Usagi ( in the middle ), Hiro and Nowaki ( to the left ) and finally Shinobu and Miyagi ( to the right ).

Misaki was living with his older brother when one day he comes home and meets the great Usami sensei ( Usagi ) a famous novel writer. Misaki grades are low, and coincidently Usagi ended up being his tudor, all hell breaks loose when Misaki finds out about his "other" books...

Hiro was crying in the park one day when a plastic rocket fell ou of the sky in front of him one day, then when Nowaki came to pic it up and saw Hiro, it was love at first sight for him. Hiro later finds out that Nowaki needs help with school and that he was orphaned as a child, however things get sweet and awkard when feelings and memories of Usagi get involed... Not to mention when Nowaki leaves for 6 years !

Miyagi was sitting enjoy his break one day when he meets an old acquaintance who confesses his love to him... his ex-wife's younger brother ! Miyagi then dubs him as a terrorist and refuses to give in to Shinobu claiming that he's a kid, but that's not stopping Shinobu !

Another reason i suggest you buy, look up on Youtube or Download Junjou Romantica is because even by anime standards, it's great ! it's sweet, Romantic like the title is, serious at time, but incredibly Hilarious !

I urge you to look into it, as it's success has brought us a Second season which started airing October 11th ( yep, it's passing right now, it's not to late to get hooked ! ), it might be subtitled, but man is it good !! not to mention it ain't too PG either, ha !