Tiz "Rings a Bell"

Hi Everyone!

So over on Smut with a K, I posted a sketch of a character that i meant to finish a while ago which made me do more digging, and i found a drawing, that was still in sketch form, that i started after I posted a Tiz practice sketch over on tumblr.

I decided to finish it up and so here's the result

I've been adopting a Hybrid workflow between Paint Tool SAI ( sketching and coloring ) Manga studio ( Inking ) and Photoshop ( Composition and Background) and i'm starting to get used to it.

Quick side note, i LOVE Bravely default. I never got the chance to finish it because i was extremely busy with school, but i'll probably be playing it over the summer, along with the avalanche of games i missed out on.

I want to say that i finished this faster then i thought, but that's because there was already a sketch. Then again here i am posting while the sun comes up...again. XD

As annoying as hair is to draw on Anime and RPG characters, I actually had fun coloring it. It was kind of particular this one though. At first i made Ringabel's hair Blond, but then i realized that it's more of a washed out de-saturated blond then a golden color. I ran into a similar problem with Tiz and his hair color, but that's what i get for trying to respect the style of the game and not doing what i prefer.

Anyway, there are more things i want to start working on. Old and new :) so i didn't push the other versions too much

Hope your summer is off to a good start. So far i have to admit that mine is.

Enjoy! ;)

PS: This is suppose to make an Anon somewhere very happy. Hope you like it!


Waluigi booty!

Hello one and all!

I figure i'd update here first since i have posted anything new in almost 5 months X[

Really sorry guys and gals, School had me occupied, now i'm on summer break. As you may have guessed from the picture, i got Mario Kart 8!!

When i started playing, i chose Waluigi ( because i personally love Waluigi) and i noticed something particular about him. When he's on a bike, before he starts his engine, he stands on the bike and his little tushy pushes out.

Of course I glorified it here because, well, butts... i love butts... But i found it interesting that it's actually pretty well defined on him. Seriously, if you have the game, chose him, pick a bike and start a race. it's not a lazy character model, he has a butt. HD Graphics indeed :]

Anyway, Nude and cum variants are below.

Me and some friends went hard an beat all the cups and got 3 stars, i'm only missing the Golden Glider to 100% the game XD, so i'll be racing online. Leave a comment if you want to race, maybe we can organize something and add each other on miiverse or even create a Gaymer community! Until then. Enjoy!

Love you all. ( I mean it ) <3 p="">


Rock Hard WIP

Hey Guys and Gals!

I posted this preview/teaser compilation on my tumblr, but it doesn't seem like it's animating so i thought i'd give it a shot here :)

I'm currently ( and dare i say finally ) learning and teaching my self to animate.

It'll take a long time, especially since school projects have restarted, but i just wanted to let you guys know what you could expect in the next pack (yes, that includes the full non cropped animation)



Pokemon X & Y Trainers Pack!!

Hello everyone!

As you my have guessed from the background and animated hearder change, i finished the my first trainer pack ! : D

The price is 14 $ (or 10€ if you live in Europe)

This pack includes a rar file with :

- 5 High Res drawings
- 1 Bonus Wallpaper

Just contact me at kslashworks@hotmail.com. I work ( as always ) with paypal :]

Thank you in advance for purchasing or spreading the word, it would really help me out!

I think the price is pretty fair for 5 drawings since the price is a little less then what i usually charge for a 1 character drawing.

I hope you all are doing well and i wish all a (Very late) Happy and wonderful new year!

Much hugs :)


Warming up with Ash Catchcum

Hello to all!

Man, it's been a busy past few months for me.

Just a quick recap for those who didn't know, or wonder why the updates have been so scarce on here:
I moved to France and i'm now in art school.

All this really means though is that i'm extremely busy most of the time and this upcoming holiday break is going to be the first time i'll get to relax in...4 months!

Now, why Ash Catchcum?

It's not the first time i've dealt with the cold of winter before, but this will be my first time going through the whole thing. And here, on November 21rst, it snowed. Again, this wasn't new to me, but on that day, I felt it.
This was the first time i missed my home back in the Caribbean, but they've been having shit weather these days too...

meh, Anyway!

I wanted to : 1) Color something to see if I could still manage to have a hybrid work flow ( Pencils, then scan, then Ink and Color digitally) 2) If i could do a quick simple animation, which is something I've always wanted to add to my stuff , and 3) Draw a Sun-Kissed body with Warm colors to make me forget the cold weather XD.

I think I did alright with just a mouse. Paint Tool SAI's line layers can be a godsend for people in my situation (Still no replacement for my tablet's stylus because college life, in other words, i'm broke as hell), but I was mostly worried about the coloring process, but a simple more cell-shade style is doable.  

As usual, all the people who visit my blog get all the versions + commentary  so I hope you enjoyed.

This gives me hope that i could do complete commissions again. Maybe next week?

Lastly, in case i don't reopen commission, if you've checked my Tumblr you'll see that i'm currently working on my first image pack. It's based on the trainers of the Kalos region in pokemon X & Y.

Over there i said i'd reveal the sprites if you could guess what trainer class they are, but since i love my blog faithfuls, I'll reveal that two of them are Monsieur and Tourist trainers.

It should be around 10$ or 15$ for the pack when it comes out and i hope you all look forward to it.

If I don't update for a while again, Happy Holidays and Happy New year to you all!


Pencil commissions!

Hello Everyone!

I know i was suppose to update earlier this month but school consumed my spare time.

You may have heard on my Y! gallery and/or Tumblr, but i'm in a bit of a financial pinch right now so i'm opening up Pencil commissions.

These are simple pencil Commissions for 10$ a piece. 1 character and i work through Paypal as always. leave a comment below or contact me via Twitter or tumblr or Y-gallery.

Here are some samples of what to expect.

Ash Catchcum sample

Professor Sycamore Sample

A big Thank you to those who have already commissioned me,

oaktree99 's O.C Captain Moralez

Wulfric from Pokemon X & Y for Fireguardiancoty

Let me know if you're interested in getting one yourself. Just let me know what you want plus a link or an image to a reference and it's a go. It would really mean a lot to me right now.

Side note. My stylus for my tablet broke, so Pencil commissions like these are pretty much what i'm limited to for the moment. I bought a mouse and I tried the point and click thing, but it's not really the same, especially when it comes to coloring. Not having pen pressure sensitivity really limits me.

Otherwise, I am in France, like i may (or may not) have mentioned here before, and back in school. It's a lot of work but i'm loving it so far. I hope you are all doing well and that you'll have a happy Halloween!

Take care, thank you in advance, and Enjoy!

Virtual Hugs to you all!


Popeye the Sailor Man! *toot toot!*

Hi everyone!

So first order of business is a BIG FAT sorry to everyone since i've been MIA for most of the summer, partly due to Animal crossing and the other part was a gaming event and another part was getting my stuff ready ( which i'm still doing ) for when i move. So, sincerest apologies. When i see comments, whether it's here, or on my other websites, it always reminds me that somewhere along the lines i started doing this for my fans too, and i love you guys too much to leave you out in the cold for too long.

I worked on and finished this Popeye drawing almost two months ago ( yeah, that bad ) but then IRL ( in real life) mode kicked into overdrive and suddenly i was busy going to the gym, going to driving class, applying for loans, just one big boring mess of life stuff.

Now that the countdown to going back to school has started, i'm going to make a little more time for drawing, i mean, hey, that's what i'm going to be doing for a while pretty soon.

Anyway, enough talk. I've been reading some drawing books i got finally and it's definitely making me feel like drawing again. Until then Guys and Gals!

Enjoy! : D


Digimen : Daisuke and Takeru

Hello Everyone ( who's still here on Blogger XD )

Been a long time, huh?

A WHILE ago i got this request, which i did finish, but being busy and all that, you know how it goes.

With Y!gallery being down for some reason, i'll be posting it here for now, along with these

I'm sort of back, even though Animal Crossing rules my life now XD so make sure to say hi and drop me some requests to get to mojo flowing.

See you guys soon! :]