Long time no post :/

Hey guys.

 I'm sorry i haven't updated K Slash in while but i don't think i'll be posting here as much as i used to. Now that i've started a Patreon and i'm mostly on tumblr. K Slash is becoming redundant :/ 

i'm not saying that i'm closing it down, but i'll be posting here WAY less, and whatever happens happens. 

So here's all the links to find me : 

Patreon and tumblr are definitely where you want to keep an eye out, with exclusive content on Patreon quickly becoming my main focus.



I want to thank you all for all the support over the years and i hope you continue to support me :)

Enjoy! bye for now


Pokemon XY Trainer Pack 2!

Hello to all! :D

Once again, The blog theme and header has changed!

A new Trainer pack is here!

It's quite literally the same details as last time with the exception that from October 2nd to October 9th, this pack is priced at 10 $ or 8€ instead of the usual 14$ or 10€. So get it this week and save!

This pack includes a rar file with 5 High Res Drawings.

Contact me at kslashworks@hotmail.com if you're interested. I work with paypal as always.


Now it's time for me to hibernate for 24 hours XD.



Captain America : Age of Ultron edition


Been a while hasn't it? I hope you've been clicking those links on the right, because i've been WAY more active on those sites.

This is a commission for the incredibly patient Dexter Charming from Y!gallery. He wanted Captain America in his Age of Ultron costume. I Accepted this challenge of course. One crappy second half of summer, a move back to France, a loss and gain of stylus later, it's done! XD

I'd apologize for the watermark, but this is a commission, the one who paid gets the final say. Them's the ropes.

Besides, this protects me too. Art thieves are a thing. I haven't gotten a severe dose yet, but I once had to reblog an older picture of mine on tumblr because there was no credit to me being the artist XD.

There were variants requested which i obliged to since it was technically the same drawing, so as per usual, the blog faithful get everything ;)

Oh, and funny story XD.

 I got so caught up doing this one that i forgot that i didn't need to do a background, so in the end, i made one anyway based on the reference for the pose i was given.

Here you go :)


Quick side note, commissions are closed till further notice. Fall is upon us and there are a lot of projects and drawings i want to finish up.

Also, Gamers know that the flood of games is pretty much upon us now. ( SMASH BROS NEXT WEEK!!! WOOO!!)

Anyhow, Hope you have an awesome Summer and here's hoping for a great Fall.

See you all real soon ;)



Tiz "Rings a Bell"

Hi Everyone!

So over on Smut with a K, I posted a sketch of a character that i meant to finish a while ago which made me do more digging, and i found a drawing, that was still in sketch form, that i started after I posted a Tiz practice sketch over on tumblr.

I decided to finish it up and so here's the result

I've been adopting a Hybrid workflow between Paint Tool SAI ( sketching and coloring ) Manga studio ( Inking ) and Photoshop ( Composition and Background) and i'm starting to get used to it.

Quick side note, i LOVE Bravely default. I never got the chance to finish it because i was extremely busy with school, but i'll probably be playing it over the summer, along with the avalanche of games i missed out on.

I want to say that i finished this faster then i thought, but that's because there was already a sketch. Then again here i am posting while the sun comes up...again. XD

As annoying as hair is to draw on Anime and RPG characters, I actually had fun coloring it. It was kind of particular this one though. At first i made Ringabel's hair Blond, but then i realized that it's more of a washed out de-saturated blond then a golden color. I ran into a similar problem with Tiz and his hair color, but that's what i get for trying to respect the style of the game and not doing what i prefer.

Anyway, there are more things i want to start working on. Old and new :) so i didn't push the other versions too much

Hope your summer is off to a good start. So far i have to admit that mine is.

Enjoy! ;)

PS: This is suppose to make an Anon somewhere very happy. Hope you like it!


Waluigi booty!

Hello one and all!

I figure i'd update here first since i have posted anything new in almost 5 months X[

Really sorry guys and gals, School had me occupied, now i'm on summer break. As you may have guessed from the picture, i got Mario Kart 8!!

When i started playing, i chose Waluigi ( because i personally love Waluigi) and i noticed something particular about him. When he's on a bike, before he starts his engine, he stands on the bike and his little tushy pushes out.

Of course I glorified it here because, well, butts... i love butts... But i found it interesting that it's actually pretty well defined on him. Seriously, if you have the game, chose him, pick a bike and start a race. it's not a lazy character model, he has a butt. HD Graphics indeed :]

Anyway, Nude and cum variants are below.

Me and some friends went hard an beat all the cups and got 3 stars, i'm only missing the Golden Glider to 100% the game XD, so i'll be racing online. Leave a comment if you want to race, maybe we can organize something and add each other on miiverse or even create a Gaymer community! Until then. Enjoy!

Love you all. ( I mean it ) <3 p="">


Rock Hard WIP

Hey Guys and Gals!

I posted this preview/teaser compilation on my tumblr, but it doesn't seem like it's animating so i thought i'd give it a shot here :)

I'm currently ( and dare i say finally ) learning and teaching my self to animate.

It'll take a long time, especially since school projects have restarted, but i just wanted to let you guys know what you could expect in the next pack (yes, that includes the full non cropped animation)



Pokemon X & Y Trainers Pack!!

Hello everyone!

As you my have guessed from the background and animated hearder change, i finished the my first trainer pack ! : D

The price is 14 $ (or 10€ if you live in Europe)

This pack includes a rar file with :

- 5 High Res drawings
- 1 Bonus Wallpaper

Just contact me at kslashworks@hotmail.com. I work ( as always ) with paypal :]

Thank you in advance for purchasing or spreading the word, it would really help me out!

I think the price is pretty fair for 5 drawings since the price is a little less then what i usually charge for a 1 character drawing.

I hope you all are doing well and i wish all a (Very late) Happy and wonderful new year!

Much hugs :)


Warming up with Ash Catchcum

Hello to all!

Man, it's been a busy past few months for me.

Just a quick recap for those who didn't know, or wonder why the updates have been so scarce on here:
I moved to France and i'm now in art school.

All this really means though is that i'm extremely busy most of the time and this upcoming holiday break is going to be the first time i'll get to relax in...4 months!

Now, why Ash Catchcum?

It's not the first time i've dealt with the cold of winter before, but this will be my first time going through the whole thing. And here, on November 21rst, it snowed. Again, this wasn't new to me, but on that day, I felt it.
This was the first time i missed my home back in the Caribbean, but they've been having shit weather these days too...

meh, Anyway!

I wanted to : 1) Color something to see if I could still manage to have a hybrid work flow ( Pencils, then scan, then Ink and Color digitally) 2) If i could do a quick simple animation, which is something I've always wanted to add to my stuff , and 3) Draw a Sun-Kissed body with Warm colors to make me forget the cold weather XD.

I think I did alright with just a mouse. Paint Tool SAI's line layers can be a godsend for people in my situation (Still no replacement for my tablet's stylus because college life, in other words, i'm broke as hell), but I was mostly worried about the coloring process, but a simple more cell-shade style is doable.  

As usual, all the people who visit my blog get all the versions + commentary  so I hope you enjoyed.

This gives me hope that i could do complete commissions again. Maybe next week?

Lastly, in case i don't reopen commission, if you've checked my Tumblr you'll see that i'm currently working on my first image pack. It's based on the trainers of the Kalos region in pokemon X & Y.

Over there i said i'd reveal the sprites if you could guess what trainer class they are, but since i love my blog faithfuls, I'll reveal that two of them are Monsieur and Tourist trainers.

It should be around 10$ or 15$ for the pack when it comes out and i hope you all look forward to it.

If I don't update for a while again, Happy Holidays and Happy New year to you all!