Captain America : Age of Ultron edition


Been a while hasn't it? I hope you've been clicking those links on the right, because i've been WAY more active on those sites.

This is a commission for the incredibly patient Dexter Charming from Y!gallery. He wanted Captain America in his Age of Ultron costume. I Accepted this challenge of course. One crappy second half of summer, a move back to France, a loss and gain of stylus later, it's done! XD

I'd apologize for the watermark, but this is a commission, the one who paid gets the final say. Them's the ropes.

Besides, this protects me too. Art thieves are a thing. I haven't gotten a severe dose yet, but I once had to reblog an older picture of mine on tumblr because there was no credit to me being the artist XD.

There were variants requested which i obliged to since it was technically the same drawing, so as per usual, the blog faithful get everything ;)

Oh, and funny story XD.

 I got so caught up doing this one that i forgot that i didn't need to do a background, so in the end, i made one anyway based on the reference for the pose i was given.

Here you go :)


Quick side note, commissions are closed till further notice. Fall is upon us and there are a lot of projects and drawings i want to finish up.

Also, Gamers know that the flood of games is pretty much upon us now. ( SMASH BROS NEXT WEEK!!! WOOO!!)

Anyhow, Hope you have an awesome Summer and here's hoping for a great Fall.

See you all real soon ;)