Ghork Passing The Time

Hey guys

Commissions have been kind of slow so can't really blame the slight week long absence of posts on it, but if you're a Gamer, or Gaymer, you know that there quite a lot of games that are going to keep you busy for the season.

I've been playing what Ghork has in his hands there

I'm referring to this of course:

Although i heard Australian Gamers got hit with a delay, this game came out last week and i have been playing it ever since.
I can think of SO MANY reasons why you should be playing this game right now, it's ridiculous.
But for all the Mario fans, 3 things really stand out. So to those people, The Special levels, Tanooki Leaf, the Final Boss Fight with Bowser... Totally worth it. Trust me.

I simply can't say more without spoiling it.

Oh, 4 things actually, there are a lot of nods to past Mario games, including some sound effects and remixes that are very memorable and fantastically done, including a hidden one that's a nod to another Nintendo game.

I will be getting my copy of Skyward Sword Tomorrow * does not live in the US or Canada* so i'll probably be busy playing the hell out of that one too...and then next month, Mario Kart 7 will out... Gah! *FANGASMS*

Later guys!


Opening Commissions

Hey guys!

I've decided to open up commissions again!

1 full colored character with a simple background for 15$

2 full colored characters with a simple background for 25$

What i mean by simple background is that if it doesn't involve a lot of layers and takes little time, then it's simple.

You can see samples here :

1 Character :         

2 Characters          

 BONUS You can take 2 seperate 1 character drawings for the 20 $

As a side note, NO. I WILL NOT charge extra for cum versions.

As always i work with Paypal.

Send me a Personnel message,  On my Y!galleryOn FacebookOn Twitter or on FurAffinity if you're interested .

PLEASE BE AS PRECISE AS POSSIBLE! Supplying references would be a great help. Spending too much time on 1 commission would completely defeat the purpose of having a constant workflow.

5 spots are available and i'll update the status here on my blog.

Thanks for reading!


Daedalus's Hard Work!

Hey! bringing you another post for the week!

Over on the Y!gallery, Zovi dropped me another request. He said he'd taken up an interested in Greek Mythology recently and it made him think of Daedalus.

For those with a little bit of knowledge about Greek mythology, he's Icarus's father and the one who made his wings. Anyway, Daedalus was also in Disney' Hercules, the animated series. So when he sent me a ref.

So here's Daedalus from the series!

This actually did not take that long to draw, which is seriously giving me a reason to push this 15$ 1 character commission thing, but more about that another time :).
As it's been a custom recently, here are the precum and Cum versions

I also did ( and actually started with) the soft version. A leaking and normal version of both him naked and one with the kind of toga skirt thing he has in the series, seen here


I didn't want to overdo the shading which is why there's so little of it, because the show has a single color style, but because of mixing it with my work and all, you get the picture ;]
Hope guys enjoyed the posts this week! I really tried my best to work at a fast pace, i hope it stays.

I would LOVE to hear your ideas for Toons for me to draw! They're always so fun to do!

Love you all and hope you had a good week!

*Continues to watch One Piece* :)


HM Dive Getaway Archie X Birch

Hi Folks!

So ever since i got my new tablet i've been wanting to try something a little more dynamic and slightly different then usual and being fresh off the Drayden pic that you can see in the previous post, i ended up doing some more Pokemon related goodness!

So if someone asked me who were the 2 hottest trainers in Hoenn ( the 3rd Genereation of Pokemon) i would say these 2 hands down.
Ah my passion for drawing big juicy butts does not fade XD. Also this is the second time i drew Birch as a bottom. Don't know why but i love seeing him get f**cked :D

I wanted to try something different as i said, and go for a " from behind" light source. I didn't want to overdo it but i think i did alright :)

Archie is one of the "is actually pretty hot" trainers that i wish would get more attention in the bara department. I mean i've seen pics around the web, but a LOT more with him paired with Maxxie ( Team Magma's Admin ) in bishie lovey-dovey pics :/

Birch also needs more attention, poor guy. Professor Oak gets all the love where that's concerned.

I wanted to do an explosive cum version for this one. So here is is

I really wanted to make it goopy-looking and thick...A nice huge load really :). Nice, sweet, thick, sticky and juicy cum :].

I originally made Archie Hairless, so here you can see the Hairless one for those who prefer their power tops shaved :)

For those who aren't familiar with pokemon, HM Dive was first introduced in this ( the 3rd) generation of Pokemon, and it allowed you to dive underwater and through coral, caves, etc... SO ,what's to stop two horny trainers who want to sneak away to get down and dirty?


If you have any suggestions for trainer Pairings you want to see, don't be afraid to drop a comment :), i'll try to see if i can work on it. Trust me, it's best to tell me these things when my inspiration is a high like it's been these past few weeks.

Enjoy! See later!



Drayden Wants a Challenge!

Hey Everyone!

Like a mentioned in a previous post, drawing Drayden made me realize how sexy i think he is. So i did a quick solo pic of him ( as promised) for you guys

Like the Title says, he wants a challenge, maybe he just finished off an opponent and is looking for his next victim ?

I know the size of the pic is a little big, but i felt that making it any smaller would take away from the effect and feeling i was trying to draw in the pic.

I prefer the smooth ( shaved pubic hair) and cum-covered dick version of this, but he are the slight variants, especially for those who prefer their men with pubic hair.

Enjoy it guys!

I'll have more for you soon hopefully, and i actually have some stuff for you guys, but with a bad connection, things can get complicated.

Love you all!



Luffy's Ride! Captain Kuro's Confusion!

Hey again guys!

Just a quick post before i get some sleep

You may have guessed from the title, but i started watching One Piece! i Know there like 500+ episodes out but I'm planning on catching up on them.

Around the beginning when Usopp was going to join the crew, the Villain was Captain Kuro, and thus i bring you This!

In the interest of staying true to the show, i drew Luffy here without his hat and Captain Kuro with clothes on.

I gotta say, the old episodes of this show are quite good for something that has been out for like 10 years. Yet strangely enough, the same thing i love about the show i dislike slightly.
Oh MY WORD! You do not know the meaning of "exaggerated " until you've watched One Piece. Sure some of these characters ate the devil's fruit and got powers, but these characters have huge mouths, ears aren't where they're supposed to be, their feet are huge... man the list goes on and on. When you become an artist and get bashed over the popular " style vs skill" debate, it's hard to let these things fly, but i digress.

Here are the cum and alt naked versions!

Luffy is an AWESOME main character! Something about his space case, no brainer one liners and Air-d'etre are funny, innocent and endearing. So i can just imagine him going " OOOhh! you're cock's HUGE isn't it!?" and joyfully bouncing on it leaving Captain Kuro wondering what the hell is going on.

Oh by the way here's the reason i HAD to draw this.

........ Oh yea sure, the anime answer is he held him so he can get him with an attack...... But see in this day an age, I'm what you call a pervert... and canon stuff like this does not slide....

And Luffy's a Rubber man... Come on, those ideas and puns write themselves!

Hope you guys like it!

See you soon!


Spartan Authority Drayden x Lance

Hey guys !

So I've kinda been wanting to draw Drayden for a LONG time so now i finally got the chance to do it. Here he is, the Spartan Mayor Showing his Authority to Lance of the Elite 4!

I really had a blast with the colors for this one, and I'm starting to see how rim lights ( or reflective lights) can really add a nice little touch to a pic, even when it's mostly cel-shade.

Drawing this i knew that i would have to draw a solo pic of Drayden later, and that only made me realize how much i like drawing the character. There's just something about Drayden that i think is so sexy.

Anyway, as promised on the y! here's the lil cum versions:

Precum and cum

There's something about seeing it drip out and ooze out of the ass that makes it incredibly hot.

Well that's it for this post. Still don't have much to say about this one, but i really like it. I really like how the colors came out and i think it's a real treat for Bara fans :).

I said it on the y! and i'll say it again! BARA TRAINERS FTW !!! WOOHOO!!

lol, i'll have more soon! bye bye for now!


Jinkuro + Samm + A Hot Spring

Hey Fellow Fappers! I've got a treat for you today and i hope you'll like it!

So recently finished playing Muramasa the Demon Blade for the Wii. An EXCELLENT AND BEAUTIFUL action platformer with swords, two stories, RPG elements and 6 endings! WOW!

All the game's beautiful style aside, there are certain spots that have monkeys that will lead you to a Hot Spring in the game. And thus, these pics were born!

And with No Steam to block the action!

Jinkuro is one HOT ASS samurai.

Sexy and Bara written all over him!

Seriously, if want a cool action platformer with AWESOME Boss fights to tide you over until Zelda Skyward Sword comes out, pick this one up.

It's too beautiful, epic and fun not too!

I Was going to do a pic with him riding some Random Samurai in the hot spring, but the Samurai in the game are ... not exactly pretty.

Except for Yukinojo,

but he's a Main character so it doesn't count XD

Thus, i ( accidenty) created Samm!

So for all the blog faithfuls! i Give you Jinkuro + Samm + A Hot Spring part 2!

Of course since i decided to give him a little extra attention as an official O.C ( Cause seriously, with all the Bara on the net, where the Sexy Samurai O.Cs at?) So i gave him his tattoo, which i'll show you guys how to draw when i make a pin-up pic of him.

I was in such a drawing mood this week that i did alternate version, part twos and cum versions for a few pics. and Part 2 has them! Enjoy!

No steam version

Precum/ before Climax

Cum version :)

I hope you've enjoyed this post guys. I know it's late but also happy Halloween to everyone. I'm sorry i posted this so late, but I'm currently dealing with serious connection issues so I my initial plan of making two separate posts went to waste, i even did a preview version of it. SIGH!

Anyway, All you Wii owners, don't forget to check this one out! i'll have at least one more pic up this week-end so i'll be fighting my Internet connection to show it to you guys. 'Till then!

See you all later! *Hugs*


Villainous Present! Sephiroth X Psaro

Hey guys!

Today i have a very special drawing to show you guys. It's a birthday present for a very cool friend of mine Teodoro Nazario or as we know him from the y! gallery, MarthXIkeLover !

His birthday is coming up next week and he dropped a request my way well in advance so i couldn't turn him down :D.

I know it's early, but i REALLY rather post this now so i don't forget it or have any issues. XD Any artist will tell you. Remembering to draw it is one thing, but remembering to post it is another.

Anyway, happy birthday bro!

Now this is the first time i've EVER drawn these characters, so please take it easy on me XS. I am not used to drawing bishie-esque guys like Sephiroth

And i take pride in drawing my men bara so i'm sorry if this doesn't appeal to some. Psaro wasn't that bad though i'll admit.

But generally speaking, dragon quest characters have more of a dragon ball z look to them, so it made this sort of easier.

Anyway The birthday boy wanted Seph to bottom so as you wish!

Here's a little cum version for you too. Love the way it's between his best and abs...mmm

I must say i'm become quite fond of an all digital work flow now that i have less problems to worry about thanks to my new tablet. Anyway


P.S : See! excluding the sketch, i did 2 new drawings this week! Woohoo! *high fives self* :D