Daedalus's Hard Work!

Hey! bringing you another post for the week!

Over on the Y!gallery, Zovi dropped me another request. He said he'd taken up an interested in Greek Mythology recently and it made him think of Daedalus.

For those with a little bit of knowledge about Greek mythology, he's Icarus's father and the one who made his wings. Anyway, Daedalus was also in Disney' Hercules, the animated series. So when he sent me a ref.

So here's Daedalus from the series!

This actually did not take that long to draw, which is seriously giving me a reason to push this 15$ 1 character commission thing, but more about that another time :).
As it's been a custom recently, here are the precum and Cum versions

I also did ( and actually started with) the soft version. A leaking and normal version of both him naked and one with the kind of toga skirt thing he has in the series, seen here


I didn't want to overdo the shading which is why there's so little of it, because the show has a single color style, but because of mixing it with my work and all, you get the picture ;]
Hope guys enjoyed the posts this week! I really tried my best to work at a fast pace, i hope it stays.

I would LOVE to hear your ideas for Toons for me to draw! They're always so fun to do!

Love you all and hope you had a good week!

*Continues to watch One Piece* :)