Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria

Hooray For Yu-gi-oh! monster porn ! XD

lol Hey again !

This is the most recent thing i've drawn ... and took forever to ink, but at least it's "postable", i will post the one with the green background on my y!gallery, since someone convinced me to, but i will post all thee here

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria ( Green B/G)

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria ( Purple B/G )

Just a note. Newdoria is the fiend on the Left, and Grave Squirmmer the fiend on the right, the title just sounded better that way, and i've also did this because of Short supply of Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster porn on the net, and i paired these two together because they have similar effects, and invlove the graveyard. Also, if you have any request for yu-gi-oh! monsters that need some slashing, or even some porn you think is in short supply, let me know, and i'm also gonna leave spots for Art-Trades again ! So let me know people !!

Enjoy !!!

The Stuff part 3 !!

Oh boy ! it's been a month since I updated my Blog, sorry about that, but Blogger was giving me some issues, so since i'm able to update now, i'm gonna make the most of it and bring you another " Stuff " post, because i may not have been very active net-wise, but i've been busy ;-).

Here goes :

Let's start with some skecthes : these are pencils sketches so tried my best to make them look decent


Kraïm is an O.C i created... well started a WHILE ago but never finished. He's and Elf Samurai, heh, how's that for original. Hopefully i'll draw more of him in the future, i like his design.


This is the Aquaman pic i keep ranting about, because i can't seem to get around to finish it lol. I really like how he looks, but i just can't finish the damn thing XD, i will hopefully :-).

White Fomor

Okay, you know you've been playing too much of a game when you start drawing porn of the enemies in the game XD. This is a White Fomor, whose is an Enemy in Castlevania : Order of Ecclesia for the DS. I think it's one of the more addictive Castlevania titles, and i dare say it's been a while since killing Dracula felt so epic, props to the story and musical score of that game... and props for the hot enemies too...

Xy Sleeps

My Blue hair O.C sleepin' :-), looks like he's having a good dream. Aaawww, he looks so innocent...and sweet... and hot... and turned on... i just wanna...do some things... to that nice ass of his ...*drool*

Demon Dude
Lol, yep, that's his name for now, because he's a serious W.I.P. I don't have a name for him yet, but i've been thinking of some stories for him... and his friends... heh, and at least those are clear and already determined, the rest is still kinda up in the air.

And now on to the inks. Oh and on a side note, neither the Skecthes nor the Inks are in order, so style changes are to be expected :

Popo Pin-up

I did this a while ago because of a comment i remember getting saying that they'll always see Popo of the Ice climbers as a cute little chibi dude, even if they know he isn't. Well i hope this helps. There are a few tweaks to be made here and there, be this is " Stuff " post after all, heh.

Silver Nelson's Iron Johnson
*GASP* , F-zero pr0n !! lol, yep. this was spawned quite a while ago and it's one of the few F-zero pics that i did ( and still intend to do in the future ) about the so very neglected and overmuscled slash-bound F-zero characters. ( yes, that's right F-zero has some hot peeps, why won't anyone notice yet ?!? ). Lol anyway, this is Silver Nelson, and he's the oldest ( living ) F-zero pilot, and i always thought it was weird that an old man needs a cane to walk when he can race a high speed racing machine no prob, or no question asked for that matter, well in my mind, it turns out he needs it to carry his huge dick, which he slams into anyone who protest him participating in F-zero races.

Octoman's Rampage

Okay, so i was a lil horny, hehe. This is another F-zero pic i did a lil while back, featuring Capt. Falcon ( of course ), John Tanaka ( another F-zero HOTTIE ) and Octoman, one of my favourite pilots since F-zero X. Anyway, the idea here isn't clear, but in F-zero GX , when you finished a Grand prix with a pilot on Master difficulty, you were awarded with lil video of your chosen pilot, and in Octoman's vid ( as in a few others ) he's in some kind of body building constest, and after his appeal goes down, he looses it and starts grabbing people in the crowd... Well in my version ( lol ) he was doing jut fine until Capt.Falcon Walked in with some nice tight shorts grabbing all of his attention, and John was also present and part of the contest and security , since he is a cop. It might not look like it, but Octoman is actually thinking so very horny thoughts ( heh, why else would he be raping them XD )

Smeargle's Ready to Battle

Been a while since i drew some human-mon stuff, and a while ago i finished training a Smeargle(which i nicknamed Photoshop, lol ) so i drew this a lil while ago. For those interested, i still am playing pokemon if you wanna battle, just leave a comment ;-). Anyway, i made my Smeargle a Baton Passer, and i'm pretty sure some of us would like to grab that Baton, heh .


This is a continuation of the Legendary pokemon Human-mon series is started some time ago, and it features Celebi. Celebi honestly looks like a pixie, so i tried to draw a hot and not to mention hung ( he is legendary after all ) Pixie, heh.

Gravekeeper's Guard !

*GASP* !! Yu-gi-oh! MONSTER pr0n ! lool. Yep. This one isn't all that old, and like F-zero, Yu-gi-oh! monster porn is in pretty short supply, unfortunatly :-(. I was feeling a lil horny one day and this card was just there on my desk, so presto! pron is born ! lol! This guy is one of the first actual bara/big guys i've ever tried to draw, and i think it looks great. He's a flip effect monster, and when he's flipped face-up, he send an opponent's monster back to his hand... And i'm sure some of us will be sent back to our hands with this pic... XD puns, hahaha.

Anyway, 11 pics later, that's it for the Stuff part 3 !! You'll probably see these in my other galleries, or even finished, or maybe you won't, but just know there here, i gave you "The Stuff" !