Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria

Hooray For Yu-gi-oh! monster porn ! XD

lol Hey again !

This is the most recent thing i've drawn ... and took forever to ink, but at least it's "postable", i will post the one with the green background on my y!gallery, since someone convinced me to, but i will post all thee here

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria ( Green B/G)

Grave Squirmmer and Newdoria ( Purple B/G )

Just a note. Newdoria is the fiend on the Left, and Grave Squirmmer the fiend on the right, the title just sounded better that way, and i've also did this because of Short supply of Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster porn on the net, and i paired these two together because they have similar effects, and invlove the graveyard. Also, if you have any request for yu-gi-oh! monsters that need some slashing, or even some porn you think is in short supply, let me know, and i'm also gonna leave spots for Art-Trades again ! So let me know people !!

Enjoy !!!

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