7 slash brothers pics

Arden : 6 colored and 1 in Inked :

Olimar' Cummin !!

There's no running from Sonic !

Luigi's Up Special

Wolf's Taunt !

Hey Lucas ! That snake ...

Pit comes down swinging

Fox and Falco

Enjoy, and remember, all slash bros pics will be posted here, so don't forget to check back here every now and then ;-] .

Sexy Xyde

Xy : hehe, sorry Anna, but i gotta say it ... Do you like my body ? lol, hehe. What can i say, It's Summer, so what's better then a sexy Pin-up :-D

Enjoy ! :-]


K3rry : hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm

Xy : well well ... hey everybody... It's Summer

Justin : Woo !!

Arden : heh

Xy : i'll try to keep things going while K3rry's in Overload mode

Justin : he's got a lot of stuff ready for you guys, he even digged up some old request !

Arden : And we'll do our best to keep you guys comfy, i'll even try to tweak the changes if you wanna ...

Xy : So sit tight :-)

Justin : Be patient ;-)

Arden : And have Fun :-]

Justin, Arden and Xy : J.A.X !! OUT !!!
tttiioooouuu ....
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttttttt......... zzzzzzttt.


2 lil' previews

Hey you guys.

Just posting these two inks here since i posted them on my y!gallery page.

Wild Child Baba
Super Slash Bros. Pokemon Trainer

I wasn't jocking when i said i was going to draw a lot this summer, and right now... i'm starting to get a real good feeling about it . :-)