Studly Dudley!

Sup everyone!

Hope your week is going alright so far. today I bring you more SF pron, but this one is once again from a request courtesy of Zovi from the y!gallery!

It's Dudley!

Now in case you might be wondering, i based it on this rendition of him

I think in the newer games he looks slightly different, especially where the hair is concerned.

Anyway, i wanted to draw this and try to fine tune my shading style. I can see that it goes over better then some of my other styles ( with the exception of the style i use for Ghork ).

And good news! in the after i was done with the sketch and line art i got my new Tablet! hooray!

In other words, expect a LOT of work to be done in full digital now, such as this one. I'll still sketch and show it to you guys (when i get around to it XD) but for now, that's the work flow i'm going with.

Anyway, for all the lovely people who visit my blog, here's the Dildo version!

You know i blame my first Kenpachi pic for this XD. Ever since i drew that i can help but want to draw a Dildo in a Hunk's Ass If the angle allows it. my Jorgen pic is kind of a case and point.

Anyway, enjoy you guys! I'll have more soon and it'll hopefully be up this week-end.

Bye-Bye for now!


Emboar Sketch

Hey Folks.

So i promised to try to do more regular updates so i will even though they won't be too lengthy every time.

Like i said, i believe on Twitter, i already drew Serperior and Samurott for Gen V so i'd be really weird if i didn't draw Emboar.

Although i tend to think VERY competitively when looking at pokemon, Emboar is cool in his own way. Some people have even pointed out that he looks like Ganondorf (Ganon) which is kinda true, color scheme and all.

I Had a little fun with the sketch in photoshop XD, using only the lines already there and the ever awesome Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop i decided to draw his "porker" lol

Hahaha! Skills! the lines came from his chest and abs. Photoshop is awesome, seriously.

Anyway, hope you all are well, hope your monday wasn't too crappy and your week is going ok so far.

Enjoy and i'll update again soon!

Maybe i'll do a pin-up version when i get time to finish Emboar ;)


Dexter, Futurama and Street fighter!

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while since i brought you all some new stuff so i though i'd just make 1 post for all 3 new pics !

I'm also gonna be posting them in order of completion. First is Fry from the 3 act of season finale episode Reincarnation!

If he looks a little strange it's because i was playing around with the pose a lot before i finished it.
I didn't make him look exactly like he did, but close too it ( added my own style with it of course). I DID notice that i actually made his dick really big compared to his body, but then i was like "eh, it's supposed to be anime right? was ISN'T exaggerated in anime?" XD

Hope you like it! you can see the original In The Slash Vault on my facebook or in the pic below for full resolution.

Next is a Request from the ever so lovely Bara requester from the y!gallery Zovi ! This is one of the 2 request that asked of me and i finally got time to work on this one.

He requested Action Dexter from Dexter's Lab movie Ego Trip

He gave me a few refs and i went look for some of my own life you can see here.

So now with references and inspiration in tow, i finally drew him!

I went for a slightly different yet simple style of cell-shading. I think it looks awesome. Again i wanted to mix the show's style with my own, so i just HAD to keep all the round yet defined muscles XD. Also Action Dexter has an awesome physique, with a really V-shaped body and small waist. Sexy Dexter indeed!

Finally, this is something I've wanted to do since my collabs with artistg of the y!gallery. ( who's gallery you should definitely check out by the way! Great lines!)

I've wanted to draw Sean Matsuda and Ken Masters from street fighter

Taking a load off after a day of training in the sauna :). There are more reasons why i wanted to do this though. One of the being that i really want to learn a bit more about PaintTool SAI which i got recently ( insert shout out to EvoSexual here) And because i wanted to do a quickie drawing ( we all know how that works out) So i finished it today, and i'm posting it for you guys now. Again this was a quickie so i wasn't focused on a lot.

You can see my collabs with artistg HERE and HERE btw ( y!gallery account necessary )

Hope you enjoy it folks.

Like i said i WILL be trying to be more active on my blog, even if i don't post artwork, and i'll be busting my ass to bring you guys at least 2 new pics each week.

I love you all like friends i've haven't met yet :D! Muuah!