Emboar Sketch

Hey Folks.

So i promised to try to do more regular updates so i will even though they won't be too lengthy every time.

Like i said, i believe on Twitter, i already drew Serperior and Samurott for Gen V so i'd be really weird if i didn't draw Emboar.

Although i tend to think VERY competitively when looking at pokemon, Emboar is cool in his own way. Some people have even pointed out that he looks like Ganondorf (Ganon) which is kinda true, color scheme and all.

I Had a little fun with the sketch in photoshop XD, using only the lines already there and the ever awesome Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop i decided to draw his "porker" lol

Hahaha! Skills! the lines came from his chest and abs. Photoshop is awesome, seriously.

Anyway, hope you all are well, hope your monday wasn't too crappy and your week is going ok so far.

Enjoy and i'll update again soon!

Maybe i'll do a pin-up version when i get time to finish Emboar ;)