XXX-mas Presents.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

For those who celebrate Christmas, Merry XXX-mas! :D Hopefully you had ( or are) having fun this holiday season.

I have two drawing to share with you today, one of Vince ( with a nice little Xmas hat edition like in the header ) and one of Monkey boy Abe) 

So, as i explained on the y! I actually drew Vince, or at least his sketch right before my hiatus, so I was basically working with a sketch. Looking at him now though i'm really glad i finished it. I really like the big green guy, and so did some others, which is why i don't plan on giving him, or Abe, or Ghork, or Jean-Guerrier the back seat anytime soon. I love em too much.

I finished this around holiday times, so as promised here the little holiday edition :)

Now since i actually still had the urge to draw, and today was Christmas, I decided to draw something smutty for you, and i thought, what better way to do that but with a pic of the other OCs that graces you everytime you visit my blog :) 

Here's Abe! :D

I didn't have time to gift wrap him for you guys, but he's been eagerly wait to see you guys.
What do you say? Would you like to sit on Santa Abe's lap? Maybe bribe him with a banana and he'll give you his? It's all about the Giving you know. XD

Anyway guys, I hope you are all having a pleasant and enjoyable or even bearable holiday season, and i hope these gifts, that only i can give made you smile, and Fap!

I've been enjoying my Wii U ( holla at me with them IDs ) and playing the crap out of a bunch of games, and going out with some friends and dancing my ass off to Gangnam style.

Have fun now and be safe, Tis the Season!