New PokeMen collabs !

Howdy folks !

So one thing i was doing, if you guys were watching me on the y! is doing more collabs with the AWESOME [icon=ad140] of the y! whom I've collaborated with before !

He had loads of time for a little bit so i kicked the sketches into high gear and we managed to finish 4 in about a week ! Still here are 8 of them, since there are some that i haven't updated my blog with yet. I'm also going to be posting Variations of Byron and Bugsy, so look out for those ;D

First I'm going to post them in their order of completion, so :

First it's Crasher Wake ! There was some good demand for him because he's one of those already buff trainer, i mean he's a wrestler people ! come on ! lol

Next is one of [icon=ad140]'s personal favorite trainer :

Falkner ! We were really satisfied with this one and i was happy to be able to hunkify him, cause he looks smoking with some muscles!

Next is the Electric type Gym Leader :

Volkner ! i like this one a lot, i mean Blondie with muscles getting undressed and his fully erect member popping out of his pants... K3rry used FAP ! lol

The next one up was actually a birthday request :

It's Will of the Elite Four ! at first, [icon=ad140] was skeptical and wondered how i would pull it off, and i did ! Hahaha !
Besides it being a gift, the reason i love doing Trainers like Will is because it's a challenge and me drawing them shows proof that with some determination, anything can be slashed to perfection ! lol. Oh and believe it or not, there are some interesting facts about Will that kinda pin him as a bit of a pervert XD.

Now is one of the Real Jaw droppers of the series :

It's Byron ! If you remember what i said before this is actually a Variation of the one posted on the y!, this one has Shorter hair. I like the one with Shorter hair more so here it is, you can check out the other variation HERE. Of course i think i enjoyed drawing this as much as people loved seeing it ( again one of the high demand hot trainers)

The next trainer is not so skinny and scrawny anymore :

It's Bugsy ! Again a variation, the other can be seen HERE. Drawing Bugsy was FUN ! I'll admit it. Once i had the idea of making him a hunky man boy, there was no stopping me ! Heheh... he's like that scout master you've always wanted to get lost in the woods with XD.

The next poke guy was actually in pretty high demand as well :

Drawn actually a while ago, [icon=ad140] did a few tweaks to make it more modern and then BAM ! it was done. Most of these collabs by the way is me drawing the pencil sketch, him doing the inking and coloring ( VERY QUICKLY MIGHT I ADD ! ) and me doing the final touches after we decide on what looks best. I think Koga looks fantastic and many agree ;)

And finally, that Trainer that made Fire Blast Famous !

It's Blaine, one of MY personal favorite trainers. There were a few looks to choose from, but i preferred his Fire Red and Leaf Green look the most, with his Lab coat. I will admit, i have a soft spot ( or maybe hard ) for older guys, so Bara + Older + Glasses = SWOON ! HaHa. I am very pleased with how he turned out, and i proved that old guys can be hot !

Anyway XD, thanks for tunning in and reading all of this ! Don't forget to comment and feel free to suggest who you'd like us to do next ;).

Although we've slowed down a little, we still very much enjoy the series, and I'm glad a lot of you do too !

Much love ! and later !


That Sketchy feeling !

Hello hello people !
How have you been ? OK i hope XD. I apologize for the lack of updates the past month, but things have been up and down for a while, i was sick, my glasses broke, lost my phone, siblings visited... I think you understand.

Either way, if there's one thing i prove with posts that have " Sketch " in the title, it's that although i didn't finish most of them, i have been drawing, so I'm going to share some with you : D !

First in all it's unfinished Glory, is Hariyama, and just so you know these are some sketches I've selected and cleaned up a little from the past 3 months !

Again, for the Pokemon Gijinka club on the y! Never got to finish it :s, i wanted to emphasize the Arm thrust aspect ;D

Next something a little more tame, but cool nonetheless

Tame because i was in a work setting when i drew it, i was thinking Super Genius/ Skater, and this came out. Don't have a name for him yet. Should i do more ? Will i ? heheheheh

Next, is A sketch from The Felix the Cat version of Dinosaur Prince ( which i'm not sure i should be sharing XD). Since it ended up being unused, i feel like i shouldn't let the sketch go to waste.

I was pretty much operating on a Cartoon meets Class Comics look for this. Some Fillion inspiration can be seen I'm sure XD. Either way, i got his hair wrong most of the time, but again, instead of stashing him of into the depth of never too be seen, i figure why not share ? Besides, DP's characters are HOT !

By the way ! if you DO want to see the commission i did for him, Head over to Dinosaur Prince's Kingdom, where it's currently and exclusive, you'll even see the Sketch too !

Next, we have this lovely elf !

Believe it or not, i drew this guy 3 years ago, and he's on my gallery on the y! too XD. Funny thing is i revamp the guy and still have no name for him ! sigh. lol.
Anyway there he is taking his clothes off to take a dip in a hot spring ;), wanna join him ? Also, points if you remember or link me to the original on the y!, Also suggestions for a name are also welcome !

Now, on to... a Ryu Sketch ?!

Ok this one is a SERIOUS W.I.P, but for a long time, hence why it looks a bit dated, i wanted to draw Ryu, but never got around to... well fully anyway XD.
Again, sharing cause i love ya !

And now let's top it off with Waluigi !

OH MY GOD, Waluigi ( Aside from Toad, Midbus and Birdo ) is my Favourite Mario character. Inspiration wasn't exactly on high when i was drawing this, again a while ago, but i think i gave him a wicked tall dark and mysterious look.

That's it for now ! Thanks for reading and Thanks for passing by. I do read the chat box more often then i update and i see the number of visits and members so i'm Glad you like my stuff and i LOVE YOU ALL !!

More soon !