XXX-mas Presents.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

For those who celebrate Christmas, Merry XXX-mas! :D Hopefully you had ( or are) having fun this holiday season.

I have two drawing to share with you today, one of Vince ( with a nice little Xmas hat edition like in the header ) and one of Monkey boy Abe) 

So, as i explained on the y! I actually drew Vince, or at least his sketch right before my hiatus, so I was basically working with a sketch. Looking at him now though i'm really glad i finished it. I really like the big green guy, and so did some others, which is why i don't plan on giving him, or Abe, or Ghork, or Jean-Guerrier the back seat anytime soon. I love em too much.

I finished this around holiday times, so as promised here the little holiday edition :)

Now since i actually still had the urge to draw, and today was Christmas, I decided to draw something smutty for you, and i thought, what better way to do that but with a pic of the other OCs that graces you everytime you visit my blog :) 

Here's Abe! :D

I didn't have time to gift wrap him for you guys, but he's been eagerly wait to see you guys.
What do you say? Would you like to sit on Santa Abe's lap? Maybe bribe him with a banana and he'll give you his? It's all about the Giving you know. XD

Anyway guys, I hope you are all having a pleasant and enjoyable or even bearable holiday season, and i hope these gifts, that only i can give made you smile, and Fap!

I've been enjoying my Wii U ( holla at me with them IDs ) and playing the crap out of a bunch of games, and going out with some friends and dancing my ass off to Gangnam style.

Have fun now and be safe, Tis the Season!



Jack Frost's Magic Staff

Hello Everyone!
So I apologize for the dry spell that overcame my blog and other links for months now. Just life stuff really, stress and fatigue from work and i've been taking my diet seriously and getting lots of sleep, and i mean a LOT.
Since the holiday season is upon us, and i've seemingly successfully injected myself with the holiday spirit, I drew something yesterday, Jack Frost! from Rise of the Guardians.

I actually saw this movie a few weeks ago while i was doing a movie marathon night ( saw Rise of the Guardians, then Life of Pi, then Twilight in one night) and i was pleasantly surprised with the movie.

Honestly, if I played out a scenario in my head involving all these fictional characters, i have to say that it's pretty much exactly how the movie turned out. It also reminds me of that child like innocence i used to have, though i'm guilty of ruining it with this, LOL! XD!

Anyway, Jack Frost seems to be the "In" hot character within the artist/yaoi community, so i figured i'd draw my take.

I've been seeing lots of my favorite artist posting again, so i might be drawing more soon. I've certainly got the will to draw, but now i just need the inspiration.

I also rarely do holiday themed drawings, but why not, you know?

If i don't see or hear from you guys for a while, then Happy Holidays! Be Safe and have fun!

I still loves you all with an erotic passion!



Team Bolin!

They see me, Bolin... They Hatin'...


Hey guys and gals.

Like i said just now, here's another example of a quick drawing, now in the form of the lovely Bolin.

I have been a LoK ( Legend of Korra) fan for quite some time now, but as you may have read and noticed i barely had time to show it over the summer, so now here's Bolin.

I love Bolin, oh my god, he's cute, hot, goofy, kind, just all the things that would make him a peeeerfect boyfriend. *squee*.

Yes i blatantly entitled this post Team Bolin, because no offense to Mako fans, but i'm on Team Bolin. sure i have some degree of respect for him when *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT* he managed to be of some use to Korra when it was time to face Amon, but i still much rather prefer Bolin. Also, at least Bolin wasn't a two-timing scumbag... Just saying.

Also slight apology because i was supposed to post this yesterday but my internet was on the fritz, but it's ok now.

Anyway, I may be done for the quick drawings for the week because i have to work in the morning, but this is definitely not the last of them.

Got any ideas, request, critique? Never be afraid to drop them in the comment section or any other site i post this on which are always linked on the site

Anyway, long text/rant/paragraph over.


Seeing Superman with your own X-ray Vision

Hey Everyone!

So since I've been getting some inspiration back and getting back into drawing, and i just wanted to draw Superman for some reason, this was the result.

I did a version with a little bit of hair down there for those who aren't fans of the smooth look

The reason i'm so happy with this is because i manageq to draw and finish this in under 4 hours, which is relatively fast for me. Critique is very welcomed and i think that whenever i have the spare time i'll try to fit in a drawing to keep me motivated. ( and you all entertained of course ;] )

It won't only be superheros of course, but i'm not discarding them either. It's nice to draw some heroes every once in a while.

I should have another pic coming up real soon.

Until then, and as always, Enjoy! :]


Magnus Fever

Hello Blogosphere! How have you been? Summer treat you well?
I don't want to bore you and talk about my summer since it had it's highs and lows.
During the summer however I got to continue playing Kid Icarus Uprising, which my busy ass had no time to play until the break.

As the title suggest, I've become quite the fan of Magnus.

I actually just started doodling with that one, then I thought of Magnus ( who is playable in a certain chapter btw ! ^__^ ) and the fascination with Hot Springs in the Kid Icarus Universe. Two dudes in a hot spring and talk of taking clothes off and steaming sacred buns happens in chapter two of the game.
So seriously, the scenarios write/draw themselves. Why is the web not flooded with this stuff? And Magnus is so damn MANLY! *UNF*

Next thing you know, i haven't had enough and i still wanted to draw the sexy bastard, so the next pic was born.

When you defeat the boss in chapter 2, Magnus calls Pit Angel face, so I though I'd answer my own craving and questions about and for Magnus with this.
Now lately, i've been very undecisive when i re-size my pics, cause the initial finished drawing is huge, being above 3000 pixels in Height and Width. My issue is that details shrink or plain out get lost as they become minuscule, therefor i'm providing two other sizes for you guys.

I've missed drawing, i have to say, and though my summer wasn't lacking in inspiration, it was in free time surprisingly ( Seriously, people were over here everyday)

Anyway, i said i wouldn't bore you with my summer stories, so i won't.

I'll have more for you later this week (which i've already finished, i promise XD) so i'll see you guys later!

Enjoy! :]


Making it Con" Vince"-ing. O.C Overload!

Hey guys!
I realized that i actually never did a post for Vince here, so here it is!

This was the drawing I've been teasing through Swapnotes on the 3DS ( drop me your friend code if you haven't already :D ) of my new Orc O.C Vince. It all started with a sketch that was just to practice drawing and Orc from a new book i got, and i ended up really liking it. 

So after taking some time to really work on it, Vince became the guy you see on the first pic.

 I honestly love him. Vince, Ghork, Jean-Guerrier and Abe have really been on my mind lately... Soo...i've been drawing them too XD

I was going to only make a Vince post at first, but then i thought, why not make an O.C post!

Over on tumblr, i re-introduced my monkey boy, Abe

Like Vince, these drawings were born out of a practice drawing, and I ended up doing a bit a "paper doll " thing.

Here is Abe, and I did one for Vince as well.

And these two together are what make up my new header for this blog

Vince by the way, to introduce him some more a bit, is an Orc unlike other Orcs. He shares many characteristics with other Orcs, including the physical prowess, and the color green, but he's an expert at Wind Magic. That's all I can say for now.

Next up we have Ghork's supposed love interest and my first ever French O.C, Jean-Guerrier!

Again, like many of the drawing here ( that I take forever to share with you all ) this was originally just a practice sketch, then I started drawing some more and I though : Hey? Why not make it in the same style as that Ghork pic is did?"

"Yea that one!" lol
Well I tried anyway, and I like the end result, because like the Ghork Pic, is goes a little more in depth or at least adds more layers to the futuristic world they live in. Ghork has his own custom made special Gun while Jean-Guerrier has a Power Band that boost his physical abilities, mainly for combat.

As strange as it seems, especially from the way i presented the two, they're sweet together but they're actually not a couple XD And i personally don't want them to be together... it's really complicated and I hope i'll get to fully develop Space Oni Ghork's story one day.

In the mean time though, I did conjure up a little pic featuring them both in a cute way. Enjoy!

Anyway, that's all for this post! Hope you enjoy all the new art considering the crazy drought that has happened on my blog in the past few months.

Remember to hit me up here or on tumblr, facebook or twitter or All gay art. ALL of those links are to your right, just keep scrolling till you find them!

See you real soon!


Quick Banner update!

Hey Guys.

While i'm pondering what to draw next and as i'm trolling on my tumblr, fellow awesome french artist Gigan asked for a banner so i figured, Why don't I just make new ones?

So here you go guys, please decorate you blogs, web diaries, etc, with one of these six banners:

They're the typical 250 x 500 pixels, feel free to crop and re-size them to what ever suits your blog. Yay for another update! and keep in touch with me on all the other places you can find me that are listed to the right, including here of course! I'm nearing a summer break so i will hopefully have more time to bring you more drawings.

 Until then folks!


Nintendude : Jack Cayman

*Wakes up after not posting for months* Hi people! What's up?

I SERIOUSLY wish i had some grand stories to tell you guys that would excuse my absence, but half of that is because my internet has not improved in the past month but i've already bitched about that plenty. Here's Jack Cayman of the Nintendudes series i'm going to start working on.

As I mentioned when i posted this on the Y! gallery, the no blood version seems odd so i had to add it.

Again, i'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates and news. It's almost summer vacation for me so i'm trying my best to reconnect with everything. Most of what's had me uninspired is the same as it was a month ago.

Anyway, Drop some suggestions for other Nintendo Dudes you want to see in the series. Drop me a question over on http://smutwithak.tumblr.com/ too since I've recently added the ask feature. ( And quite frankly i check my tumblr way more often then anything )

Enjoy! and see you guys soon ( hopefully ).


Pokemon Special : "Suck"cessfully training with Blaine and doing Strictly Business with Clay and Giovanni!

Hey Guys! You know I almost didn't have time ( or energy) to post this today? But I wanna keep my word ( even If it is a little late. Since I am late however, I'm going to do one post for my two new pokemon drawings.

First, and as usual pardon the Fantastic pun, "Suck"Cessfully training with Blaine!

I mentioned this before when I did collabs with ad140, but I like Blaine. There's just something about him that really hits the right spot with me. Well either way, here he is traing his Arcanine Gijinka, who i've Nicknamed Rex. Seems appropriate, right? 
 I went with Blaine's Newer look her from Heart Gold and Soul Siver, with the Hat and glasses but of course with the awesome Bara body. I LOVED drawing the lines of slobber from Rex sucking his master's cock. I really gave me a serious boner while drawing this.

Next Is a Clay and Giovanni, doing " Strictly business" of course!

So as for this one, I desperately wanted to give my bara spin on Clay, but For the sake of the sort of series of trainers i'm doing these pic with, I had NO clue who to pair him with, so then I opened up the helpful bulbapedia and found out that I TOTALLY forgot that Giovanny, the eight Gym Leader of Kanto ( and of Team Rocket) ALSO Specializes in Ground types! And the two look like the money making kind of business men ( though with Giovanni it's more obvious why) So this idea and Pairing was perfect!

I LOVE how it turned out ! I need to draw more vascular penises on the guys I draw, I really adds to the impact and detail of it all!

Anyway, sorry it's a little late, but here it is anyway :D.

I hope you enjoyed this week-end of posts and I still have more stuff on the way, look forward to that in the days that follow. Love you all and Enjoy!

P.S I was actually going to post these on Allgayart.com first, but they are doing maintenance at the moment. I'm added a link to my gallery there on the right of this blog. More on that later. Bye for now!


Happy Birthday Branchlaw!

Well as the Title states, today is Branchlaw's birthday ! When I read his journal on the y! I knew I had to ask him if he wanted some gift art of his characters, he gave me the choice between his O.C's Phil and Kenji, but I surprised him with both.

And now, for the official unveil ( And add Cum covered version! )

And the Special cum covered one for Branch ^__^

Doing this has allowed me to get even more used to Sai, and thus I think I've developed a new style (ahh the good old days ...XD)

Anyway, hope you like it dude! and hope you have an awesome day!


Gay Reference Goldmine ! The I like gay porn blogs!

Hi again folks! So I recently shared these links with Branchlaw , But If there's a place I go to get amazing references and Ideas for pr0n pics, it's these Blogs!

Why are these sites Goldmines? go ahead an click on them! I've linked each image to the respective blogs. Once there, on you're right, you'll see the god send that is the "Labels" box.

You want guys wearing hats?


You want pics of Guys with Hairy legs?


You want guys wearing Jock Straps?


You want Guys wearing Sneakers?


You want Guys with Towels?


The amazing amount of content and variety is because of the fact that each post focuses on a specific subject.

I will probably add A reference link in the tabs on the right soon enough to put these in. Until then Happy drawing to all! 

And I'll see you real soon! ^_^


An Older Joe

Hello again folks! putting up a LONG overdue post of  Cielohombre's commission, who wanted an Older Joe in the style of my other "An Older" series of Digimon dudes from my past commissions HERE and HERE 

As you can tell I posted the no cum version up there first for all of you blog faithful.

This does have less versions then the other two, but this one was done under different circumstances :/.

I'm glad with the way it turned out still though. Don't do poses like this often so I was quite fun :).


And P.S commission are closed at the moment. I'll probably do a post when they're open again. Thank you all for your patience ! :D

More Pushmo Goodness!

Hey Folks! So As I've been Swapnoting some you, you may know that this week-end I'm planing on doing quite a few updates here and there.

First is something I wanted to get out of the way and that's some of these Pushmo Puzzles I've been working on!

Points for who can guess what game i've  been thinking about recently. (lol)

Scan away folks! and have fun figuring them out!

Also, fair warning, I have strange feeling that i'm going to Rule 34 Mallo in the future.

You have been warned! XD

P.S : Once again, here's my friend code for those of you who haven't add me yet : 0259-0308-4496. Drop me a comment with yours and let's be friends :D.

See you all soon!