Jack Frost's Magic Staff

Hello Everyone!
So I apologize for the dry spell that overcame my blog and other links for months now. Just life stuff really, stress and fatigue from work and i've been taking my diet seriously and getting lots of sleep, and i mean a LOT.
Since the holiday season is upon us, and i've seemingly successfully injected myself with the holiday spirit, I drew something yesterday, Jack Frost! from Rise of the Guardians.

I actually saw this movie a few weeks ago while i was doing a movie marathon night ( saw Rise of the Guardians, then Life of Pi, then Twilight in one night) and i was pleasantly surprised with the movie.

Honestly, if I played out a scenario in my head involving all these fictional characters, i have to say that it's pretty much exactly how the movie turned out. It also reminds me of that child like innocence i used to have, though i'm guilty of ruining it with this, LOL! XD!

Anyway, Jack Frost seems to be the "In" hot character within the artist/yaoi community, so i figured i'd draw my take.

I've been seeing lots of my favorite artist posting again, so i might be drawing more soon. I've certainly got the will to draw, but now i just need the inspiration.

I also rarely do holiday themed drawings, but why not, you know?

If i don't see or hear from you guys for a while, then Happy Holidays! Be Safe and have fun!

I still loves you all with an erotic passion!