Jackie Taking Orders From Black!

So HOLY CRAP ! I'm really serious with these April updates aren't I?

Well i have over 317700 views here ! and about over 234000 views on my gallery, so time for a slash-tastic, toon filled Kiriban!

It's Captain Black and Jackie, from Jackie Chan Adventures ! Oh yea ! that's right! Raping my own damn childhood with this slash XD.
God, as a kid, i watched A LOT of tv, and i loved Kids WB. Xiaolin showdown, Jackie Chan Adventures, Pokemon, you name it, i was probably watching it. Before i continue, as promised on my gallery, here is the naked version :

That's right. I don't forget all the great people that actually bother to visit my blog to get the scoop and extras. I just love you guys, i really do. Now this took a little while because i worked on both versions at the same time, but it was worth it. I love the idea of the Two of them getting some cheap room somewhere and going over a mission, and after the briefing just getting it on. Maybe for old times sake? heheheh.

A Big thank you to you all!

P.S: i really do read and consider all the comments, and i've seen all the wonderful request people have dropped here on K Slash too. I think they're all great, and just know that i'm never against request unless i'm talking commissions or something, which isn't the case nor is it going to for a while (sorry folks, but i'm enjoying the freeness), and if you think i'm ignoring them, just think of it as me, getting all of this stuff outta my system first ;D.



Samurai Jackin' off!

Heya Folks !

Bow to Jack! Bow the Jack! Samurai Jack !

Bringing you some more sweet Cartoon slash with my Samurai Jack pic !

Now anyone who loved Cartoon Network as a kid knows this show, it was friggin' awesome ! A Samurai sent to the future fighting Evil robots and any other thing that Aku sent on his path.
I actually wanted to draw this for a while now. The idea came to me when i started slashing cartoons.

Now the thing is the cartoon was High on style and animation, with it's very little use of cell shading and noticeably no outline on the characters it was quite original.
Boy All of this sounded cool on paper but was not as easy as it looked, as i started, things started to look WAY off and i said their was now way i could do this justice right. So i did the next best thing, Mixed styles. Mixing the style of the cartoon and my own made things WAY more comfortable and easy for me.

i Had to do his sexy underwear when i found this great reference of him...


I really like how it came out. He looks so peaceful and relaxed getting a little R&R in a hot spring. :D

Anyway, i enjoyed doing this, and if you have any ideas for toons you want me to slash, never be afraid to drop a comment.

Loves you all ! and Enjoy !

P:S you gotta give it to me with the updates here, i'm doing good right? ^_^ Also, puns FTW!!!