Pokemon Gym Leader! Marlon Fever!

 Hello again guys!

First of all, Happy New Year! I wish you all the best and success in what ever you hope to achieve this year and lots of health, kindness and patience.

Now on to the smut!

So during the winter break i got time to play some Pokemon Black 2, and i remember someone once requesting that i draw Marlon (Shizui at the time) and i said that i wasn't ok with drawing a character that has only been out in Japan. Now however, the games are out, and who are we kidding, this is pokemon smut, of course I was going to put my money where my mouth was!

Keeping with the "Gym leader x Gym leader" same type theme from some of my previous pairings, this time is was water, and Crasher Wake being...Well...Crasher Wake, was the obvious choice!

Although i played around with the sketch and drawing WAY more then i should, I do like how it ended up.
Crasher Wake is a wrestling star and i can totally see some sex turning into Marlon riding and Crasher lifting Marlon and Supplexing him into the water. It's Playful, funny and hot at the same time. At least Methinks XD.

Unfortunately for me though, the same thing that happened to me when i drew Magnus, for Kid Icarus Uprising, happened when I drew Marlon, except this time in reverse since i did the solo one second.

Here it is!

I also just felt like doing a solo piece. I don't like the idea of doing just one drawing to show you guys anymore. It's bad enough that i'm lazy with backgrounds after all XD!

Anyway. I currently have a slight Marlon flu. It'll pass...eventually. I mean i still think Drayden is the sex.

On a few side notes, first the bad news. My glasses broke. :[
What does this mean? this means no more starring at a computer screen and drawing until i get new ones and upgrade to contacts is what it means.

The good news is that the timing for this post is impeccable, because Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were announced Tuesday!

I am personally very excited for many reasons. Because it's Pokemon, because it's a new generation, Because it's Pokemon, because it's the first actual 3D game and not 3D "looking", because i want a Chespin IMMEDIATELY, because it will be releasing worldwide for the first time at the same time in October, which will put the problem i mentioned at the start of this post in the past, and because....Pokemon.

Love all of you!

Remember to leave comments if you have suggestions on who you would like me to draw next or what series you want me to continue. You want to see more Gym leader Parings? Do you want me to draw some Toon smut again? How about the Nintendudes series?

Let me know. Bye for now!