Tai and the Grays !

The Grays : All your Ass are belong to us !


Well ? What are you waiting for ?! Help Tai and the Other Anti-heroes ! time for some Boot Camp !

Heh ! just helping to promote JC's nifty new Flash game

you can check out the trailer here

I would put the trailer here but Blogger is giving me issues :S , Anyway, enjoy !!


Chuck x Brock Gym leader "training"

Told you guys i was back ; D !

Now just for kicks i'll describe how this came to be, pokemon style:

- [!] : an idea appeared !

*plays battle music*

- K3rry used Photoshop

- The idea is hinting at Brock and Chuck

- K3rry used a reference ! K3rry's Speed rose !

-The idea transformed into lineart of Chuck and Brock !

-The idea used Time consume !

-K3rry is getting hungry...

-K3rry Fled !

K3rry saves, K3rry ate Lunch

K3rry used Photoshop

[!] : The Drawing reappeared !

*plays battle music again*

- K3rry used colors !

- The idea is coming along

-K3rry used Layer Magic

- The Idea used almost done ! K3rry is now hesitant

-K3rry is Hesitant... K3rry used Final touches !

-The idea is now finished

- K3rry is no longer hesitant ! K3rry used Crop !


K3rry finished the Drawing ! Congratulations you drew Chuck and Brock !

Would you like to save ? K3rry saved the drawing !

lol, yes i know i'm silly, anywho :

Gym Leaders Chuck and Brock. This is of course a little pun on the Gym aspect heheh.

Yay for Gym leader Pr0n ! Don't draw Brock too often either, so yay again !
Boy they both seem to be enjoy it :O....*faps*

Anywho, more soon !


Back !


Holy HELL it's been almost 4 MONTHS since my last blog entry, my bad everybody, had quite the busy summer so i couldn't even grace you with these :

I drew Adam ( or better known as the human version of Beast from Beauty and the Beast ) and Naveen from the princess and the frog not only because it was fun, but because i taught me some stuff back then, twas also my first pic with an ok background, as in one that i actually worked on

Since the last skecth post, i created Ghork the space Oni, and that wasn't all i drew, i afterwards tried drawing him with photoshop, it's still only lineart, but worth a look :)

I did two alternate versions, one where he's shaved and one where he only has his pubic hair, but staying true to the original design, i'll show you guys his hairy manly version, lol !

Now this guys i've only shown to very few people, started a skecth back in OPEN CANVAS ( that's how old people ) and this was around the time i was making the transition to photoshop i colored it not exactly recently, but yea, 4 months ain't yesterday XD, sorry sorry.
His name is Abe by the way :D ! Monkey Boy Abe ! and he's my first Anthro Character :D

Finally this is the most recent thing that I've posted on the y! so if you've been keeping up with me, now we're up to speed. And the reason for this ? Training mostly, i'm starting to really know my way around photoshop and also, whenever i don't draw anything in a while and i feel like drawing something dirty, i draw Bleach Pron.... Seriously, like clockwork.

Anywho, i'm Back yall ! More coming at ya real soon !

I'd love to know what you guys think about Abe and Ghork :) so don't you be shy with the comments, you can even curse me out for not updating in almost 4 months, lol.