Sketches !!!!!!

Hey everyone !

So it's been a while since i drew anything really new because of my artist block, but I think it's important to mention that i HAVE been drawing during.

Every time i have an artist block i either have a breakthrough or learn something from it, and this time i think i've learned to just be more confident in what i do and just do it :) , because for some reason i just wasn't satisfied with what i was doing.

Anyway, here we go :

This is Lerroy, is he a new O.C !?!

During my artist block i posted a Journal on my Y! gallery page, and some people suggested drawing Original characters, but the truth is though, this guy is NOT a new O.C, i drew him about 3 years ago ( that's right, i said years) i just decided to give him an updated look please excuse the missing hand and/or Limbs on this and the other sketches cause that was one of the big issues of my artist block.

This is ALSO a revamp of a character i drew a very long time ago. He's a Barbarian and i had and still have plans for him, his name's Achaim, and this revamp shows a little more details in on his attire.

Now these guys however...

Are pretty new... so new i don't even have names for them XD.
Tell me if you like these guys cause i think they're pretty interesting, the first guy is human, he just has mechanized armor ( so technically not a cyborg ), the second is an elf character ( yes more elves, lol ) but i put a great deal of detail on him, and lastly i drew this when i had a free hour at my job, it's two characters going at it, who's really good ? Why do they have matching features ? Are they related ? Are they lovers ? Are they really fighting ? the answer isn't quite clear , even for me, but it's very interesting.

No i'm not done yet, lol 5 more to go ( lol, yep, and i'm not even posting all of em, i think i even remember a Ryu from street fighter pic of him getting fucked by Akuma and Sagat, i'm pretty sure i started a pic of Glass Joe and Little Mac from Punch out, sigh, but such is life... and artist block )

So i don't know if you've been living under a rock, but a new Club has taken the y! gallery by storm, and that's the new Pokemon Gijinka HQ club,that has an awesome Pokemon of the week that gives a us a Pokemon to draw in human form every week, and if my Artist block wasn't in motion, you would have seen :

My Aggron

My Umbreon

And my Corsola ( Using Harden right here )

With the things i gotta finish up, i might finish these in the future, but it's not a guarantee... this is why i do these posts ! lol

I also got a suggestion to do more couple pictures, and Pokemon Soul Silver is what i've been playing recently, so Pokemon trainers it was

This is Champion Wallace and Champion Steven, who i've actually wanted to draw for a while just like

Flint and Volkner here, it just seems to me that there's something going on between these guys more then just " friendship" but then again i'm just perverted, lol.

PHEW ! okay ! well enjoy those guys, and know that i'm Steadily getting the Mojo back so you might see some more stuff from me soon :).

I Loves you all ! and ENJOY !!