Professor Utonium Chemical xXx

All for you internet! a SEXY Professor Utonium from the PPG. Honestly i think EVERY genius scientist ( in cartoons ) has fooled around with some kind of appearance enhancing experiment.

Drawing the professor was fun, like all toons, but i gotta say, Like Johnny and Tuddrussel, making a somewhat "blocky" character hunky can be a challenge. I went with a nice sexy body instead of an overly buff one ( still plenty of abs, don't worry) and i REALLY liked it, so i had to share it with yall!

I say that that chemical xXx was a great success, don't you think ? :D

If i was feeling better around the time i was drawing this, in other words, if i wasn't sick around that time, i would of done something more extravagant! But again i still REALLY Enjoy this one, and i was thinking of using him in the future, so who knows what'll happen ;D.

Anyway, Enjoy !!