Iceman does Brawl !!

As if i didn't love Iceman's work enough ! this pops up !

He has got to be a good fan ( like me ) to get so many aspects of the game right :

-the two hottest characters in the game, Snake and Captain Falcon ... Check !
-Items, mushroom and... Mr. Saturn !! ... Check !
-Popular Assist trophy, Stafy !! ... Check !
-Cute fighter by standers, lol, KirbyPikachu, Jigglypuff, and even Sonic ! ... check
-Something to link them together, hehe, like Yoshi... Check !

Well done man ! you truly are my hero !

You can check out this and more of Iceman's Delightful work , including a webcomic and flash animations on his website ! (Listed in my Links )

I'm sure that most of you already know this wonderful artist, but this really proves to me how much i love and respect Iceman .

Here's to you ! ^-^, i've been watching your work for years and still am !



Snake Charmer Adal, Pages 1, 2 and 3

Hey hey hey ! lol.
This is Up for consideration, tell me if ya like ! i need you thoughts so i know what to do with the comic ;) .

Page 1 : ZZAAPP !!

Page 2 : Meet Adal

Page 3 : Meet Bharvaro

Enjoy, and don't forget to comment ;-) .
Bye !

Fox And Yoshi

Hey Yall !

Oh my god, it's been like a MONTH since i posted something here, i'm so sawy :( , been a little busy, but i'm in an artsy mood now, so i'm trying to get some stuff done.

Super Slash Brothers : Fox is daring you !

Super Slash Brothers : Yoshi wants to know

You can see these and the others on my FA account ( see my Links ), most aren't colored yet, but they're Inked and worth the look.

See ya in a bit !