d.A.MENtion Comics ! Recruiting/Info

Hey yall !! so far a few people are interested and that's already a really good start .

I've added an e-mail address to this blog (that you'll see to your right) , if any of you are interested, that's the e-mail you send your ideas, sketches, stories concepts, lineart, what ever ! to .

Also, for those who are interested in coloring, i suggest you get Open canvas, the old free one. There ain't nothing wrong with it and infact it's what i use to color my works and occasioanally do digital drawings with ( and don't i have a tablet either, so there )

You can download it HERE

If some of you don't know what i'm talking about yet, please check out my poll and previous poll.

Thanks yall ! and remember to spread the word people !! :-D


d.A.MENtion Comics !

O KAY !! this idea has been in my head for a WHILE , and with Trainer's idea for a new club ( please check out his Journal http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/journal/trainer/162281/ ), i'm going to say it now, just to put it out there .

As an artist, i know that sometimes there are a wide variety of things i want to get done, but never seem to have enough time to do, wether it be concepts, drawings or comics...especially comics.

So i figured, why not have some people come together, agree on a story, and do a multy persons collab on a story we all agree on ?!? So for any who this interest, i came up with this :

d.A.MENtion comics !

"d" and "a" stands for different Artist , MEN because we are going to be making gay comics here, and Mention because we need to spread the word.

And even for those of you who cannot draw should feel concerned, because you can't have stories without writers , and i'm sure that even if you guys can't work you hands, your can work those minds of yours hhmmm ?

So calling all friends, artist, sketchers, colorist... People ! who like my idea, it may not happen today, nor tomorrow, but it's never going to happen unless we all show that we're interested.

As for those who are wondering, if we get enough artist here, some comics won't be free. Hope that won't push some people away, but i have to say this, sort of like a disclaimer, because let's be honest people, getting a lot of different artist/people together to work on a same comic is no easy task.

I'm going to leave this poll open for a while so i can get a lot of opinions out of it ( and cause i'm going on vacation this X-MAS ), but seriously because i think it's a good idea, and with more then just one guy this could actually work . So please vote, comment and spread the word !