d.A.MENtion Comics ! Recruiting/Info

Hey yall !! so far a few people are interested and that's already a really good start .

I've added an e-mail address to this blog (that you'll see to your right) , if any of you are interested, that's the e-mail you send your ideas, sketches, stories concepts, lineart, what ever ! to .

Also, for those who are interested in coloring, i suggest you get Open canvas, the old free one. There ain't nothing wrong with it and infact it's what i use to color my works and occasioanally do digital drawings with ( and don't i have a tablet either, so there )

You can download it HERE

If some of you don't know what i'm talking about yet, please check out my poll and previous poll.

Thanks yall ! and remember to spread the word people !! :-D

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