Pokemon Special : "Suck"cessfully training with Blaine and doing Strictly Business with Clay and Giovanni!

Hey Guys! You know I almost didn't have time ( or energy) to post this today? But I wanna keep my word ( even If it is a little late. Since I am late however, I'm going to do one post for my two new pokemon drawings.

First, and as usual pardon the Fantastic pun, "Suck"Cessfully training with Blaine!

I mentioned this before when I did collabs with ad140, but I like Blaine. There's just something about him that really hits the right spot with me. Well either way, here he is traing his Arcanine Gijinka, who i've Nicknamed Rex. Seems appropriate, right? 
 I went with Blaine's Newer look her from Heart Gold and Soul Siver, with the Hat and glasses but of course with the awesome Bara body. I LOVED drawing the lines of slobber from Rex sucking his master's cock. I really gave me a serious boner while drawing this.

Next Is a Clay and Giovanni, doing " Strictly business" of course!

So as for this one, I desperately wanted to give my bara spin on Clay, but For the sake of the sort of series of trainers i'm doing these pic with, I had NO clue who to pair him with, so then I opened up the helpful bulbapedia and found out that I TOTALLY forgot that Giovanny, the eight Gym Leader of Kanto ( and of Team Rocket) ALSO Specializes in Ground types! And the two look like the money making kind of business men ( though with Giovanni it's more obvious why) So this idea and Pairing was perfect!

I LOVE how it turned out ! I need to draw more vascular penises on the guys I draw, I really adds to the impact and detail of it all!

Anyway, sorry it's a little late, but here it is anyway :D.

I hope you enjoyed this week-end of posts and I still have more stuff on the way, look forward to that in the days that follow. Love you all and Enjoy!

P.S I was actually going to post these on Allgayart.com first, but they are doing maintenance at the moment. I'm added a link to my gallery there on the right of this blog. More on that later. Bye for now!


Happy Birthday Branchlaw!

Well as the Title states, today is Branchlaw's birthday ! When I read his journal on the y! I knew I had to ask him if he wanted some gift art of his characters, he gave me the choice between his O.C's Phil and Kenji, but I surprised him with both.

And now, for the official unveil ( And add Cum covered version! )

And the Special cum covered one for Branch ^__^

Doing this has allowed me to get even more used to Sai, and thus I think I've developed a new style (ahh the good old days ...XD)

Anyway, hope you like it dude! and hope you have an awesome day!


Gay Reference Goldmine ! The I like gay porn blogs!

Hi again folks! So I recently shared these links with Branchlaw , But If there's a place I go to get amazing references and Ideas for pr0n pics, it's these Blogs!

Why are these sites Goldmines? go ahead an click on them! I've linked each image to the respective blogs. Once there, on you're right, you'll see the god send that is the "Labels" box.

You want guys wearing hats?


You want pics of Guys with Hairy legs?


You want guys wearing Jock Straps?


You want Guys wearing Sneakers?


You want Guys with Towels?


The amazing amount of content and variety is because of the fact that each post focuses on a specific subject.

I will probably add A reference link in the tabs on the right soon enough to put these in. Until then Happy drawing to all! 

And I'll see you real soon! ^_^