Fred and Shaggy

Jinkies! It's Finally up!

Sorry it took me so long to post this, when i posted the preview for this on My Facebook it got a lot of attention almost instantly XD I just have this thing now, if i haven't finished at least 3 drawings i'm not posting anything.

Anyway, this actually came from a request from someone over on Facebook, and since i've been in cartoon slashing mode lately, this was a no brainer :D

Like with Professor Utonium, i had fun Giving these two the Bara treatment.

The scene here is whatever you want it to be :), all i know is that Shaggy's giving Fred a Workout may not have been ready for.

I love how this turned out. Fred's expression is great and i think the whole thing came out just the way i wanted to :]


P.S : To those that visit my blog, Thank you, and I'm just wondering, since i've been sort of running out of idea as of late, Do you have any Request or Toons you'd like to see me slash? leave a comment ok, cause ya never know :D