Fred and Shaggy

Jinkies! It's Finally up!

Sorry it took me so long to post this, when i posted the preview for this on My Facebook it got a lot of attention almost instantly XD I just have this thing now, if i haven't finished at least 3 drawings i'm not posting anything.

Anyway, this actually came from a request from someone over on Facebook, and since i've been in cartoon slashing mode lately, this was a no brainer :D

Like with Professor Utonium, i had fun Giving these two the Bara treatment.

The scene here is whatever you want it to be :), all i know is that Shaggy's giving Fred a Workout may not have been ready for.

I love how this turned out. Fred's expression is great and i think the whole thing came out just the way i wanted to :]


P.S : To those that visit my blog, Thank you, and I'm just wondering, since i've been sort of running out of idea as of late, Do you have any Request or Toons you'd like to see me slash? leave a comment ok, cause ya never know :D


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Do Moose from the Archie comics. That sort of counts as a toon, I hope.

Nero said...

Unlike Prof. Utonium, I find this to be... Erotic. :)

Haze said...

I love the expression on Shaggy's face! How 'bout some Venture Brothers naughtiness?

K3rry said...

@ Anon, Although i never really read any of the Archie comics, Moose sounds fun!

@ Nero, LOL thanks, hey, to each his own.

@ Haze, Thank you! Everyone seems to love how this came out, myself included! And i Love the Venture Brothers !

BeefLover said...

Goodness! Who knew Shaggy was so big?

Anonymous said...

Ive just seen you blog and its awesome!! I love it! Cant wait to see more posts!
I would love a picture thats part of a story. Not a big thing, just a little back plot. And who knows,
maybe a grown up Spyro the Dragon, or Blastoise from Pokemon would be preety awesome!
Cant wait to see what you come up with!

have fun,

A Lone dreamer :)

Kid Nova said...

This is a great pic! I love these two guys and it's awesome to see them together in such a sexy position!

As for suggestions for more cartoon drawings, have you considered the two hot dads from Johnny Quest (Bannon and Dr Quest), the Ghostbusters (not the "real" Ghostbusters based on the films but the one with the giant ape). And how about Captain Planet? The world could always use more Shredder from TMNT too! :D

Anonymous said...

You should do Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, with Sebastian Michaelis and Claude Faustus

Art LeMat said...

Wow! I always wanted to see that happen :-)

Anonymous said...

I love are fake And now you doing other in fred E Shaggy

K3rry said...

@Beeflover, haha, i did! i had to put a big reason why they let Shaggy stick around. Maybe it's because of all the Scooby snacks XD!

@Anon2, Thank you, and you're not a lone dreamer. I thought i was until i said screw this! if no one is going to draw it, then i'll draw it myself! Also, i Love Blastoise !

@Kid Nova, Thank you very much and those are ALL awesome suggestions!

@Anon3, I had to look them up, but they could be a good challenge, which i LIKE ! :D

@Art LeMat, Heheh! Glad i was able to make it happen ! also nice Blog ! i'll be adding it to my links if you don't mind ;D

@Anon4, I'm not quite sure i understand this comment :/ sorry

Anonymous said...

do more scooby doo

Anonymous said...

so sexy!!! love how freds hole is streched out do kingdom hearts characters