Major Glory and White Tiger

Hey Hey Hey Guys !

So a lot if things to say here so i'll try to keep short. :)

First of all, and obviously, Hooray the Y gallery lives! And a Crisis was averted, so i have to admit I'm happy about it.

Now let's talk about this drawing:

One thing I've noticed is that (nowadays anyway) i RARELY do follow-up drawings or sequels, so while i started drawing these two it was decided :D .
Although i didn't include it in the title since i would be something horrendously long XD, this is Indeed a sequel to the Val Hallen drawing.

For those of you whose memory needs a little tune-up, Major Glory wasn't too happy with White Tiger being in the apartment, little did Val know he wasn't the only one discovering porn that day.

So White Tiger nabs Major glory and starts practicing what he saw. He was reluctant at first, but of course, the major didn't resist a good time.

I gave Major Glory a big bootay to show that there's always room for compromise XD

Anyway my silly plot aside


P.S : Aweome suggestions last time people! Do let me know what you think of this and don't be afraid to keep em ' coming! I loves you ALL !!