Hello Folks !

So time to (try to) Start March off right by posting the Megaman pic that's been lying around on my pc for about 2 weeks now. I'd tell you how much fun it was to draw this and FINALLY do his name some justice by making him a megaMAN! But i think it shows ;)
Hell i even did a sexy underwear version for you guys.

He won the Third poll on My y!gallery ( beating out Astro Boy ), and this is what i came up with!

Originally, i started out the pose in a traditional way, meaning good old fashioned Pencils baby! then i hope on my computer and pretty used my eyes to duplicate it in Photoshop ( which ended up giving me this action pose !)

I'm currently discovering some new coloring techniques (not seen here ) and getting the mojo flowing again. I already had an idea lined up for the Astro boy pic ( who i'll probably man up of course :D) and i'm tossing around some ideas, so hopefully there will be a lot more soon.

Till then, i LOVE YOU ALL !! SERIOUSLY !!

and Enjoy !!