Warming up with Ash Catchcum

Hello to all!

Man, it's been a busy past few months for me.

Just a quick recap for those who didn't know, or wonder why the updates have been so scarce on here:
I moved to France and i'm now in art school.

All this really means though is that i'm extremely busy most of the time and this upcoming holiday break is going to be the first time i'll get to relax in...4 months!

Now, why Ash Catchcum?

It's not the first time i've dealt with the cold of winter before, but this will be my first time going through the whole thing. And here, on November 21rst, it snowed. Again, this wasn't new to me, but on that day, I felt it.
This was the first time i missed my home back in the Caribbean, but they've been having shit weather these days too...

meh, Anyway!

I wanted to : 1) Color something to see if I could still manage to have a hybrid work flow ( Pencils, then scan, then Ink and Color digitally) 2) If i could do a quick simple animation, which is something I've always wanted to add to my stuff , and 3) Draw a Sun-Kissed body with Warm colors to make me forget the cold weather XD.

I think I did alright with just a mouse. Paint Tool SAI's line layers can be a godsend for people in my situation (Still no replacement for my tablet's stylus because college life, in other words, i'm broke as hell), but I was mostly worried about the coloring process, but a simple more cell-shade style is doable.  

As usual, all the people who visit my blog get all the versions + commentary  so I hope you enjoyed.

This gives me hope that i could do complete commissions again. Maybe next week?

Lastly, in case i don't reopen commission, if you've checked my Tumblr you'll see that i'm currently working on my first image pack. It's based on the trainers of the Kalos region in pokemon X & Y.

Over there i said i'd reveal the sprites if you could guess what trainer class they are, but since i love my blog faithfuls, I'll reveal that two of them are Monsieur and Tourist trainers.

It should be around 10$ or 15$ for the pack when it comes out and i hope you all look forward to it.

If I don't update for a while again, Happy Holidays and Happy New year to you all!