New Commission Info

Hi everyone, First up, commissions are open again !

Here i can give you more in depth info on the prices and how the commissions will go down.

First here are the prices and examples :

There are two Categories : "All digital drawing" and "From Scratch Drawing"

For All Digital Drawings :

1 Character = 40 $
2 Characters = 60 $

Here are some examples :

1 character :

2 characters :

Like the Categories' name implies. these commissions will be done only with digital methods and soft-wares such as Open Canvas and Photoshop. This will take less time overall and will leave plenty of room for little fixes here and there.

For From Scratch Drawings :

1 Character = 50 $
2 Characters = 75 $

Here are some examples :

1 character :

2 characters :

Again, like the title implies, these drawing will start from scratch.In this category i will start with a pencil sketch which i will later ink and color digitally. This allows a greater level of detail a lots more freedom when digitally inking and coloring.
Addition info

- No matter what you chose, any extra character will cost 20$ extra per character.

- No matter what you chose, a color finish like the one here it will cost 5$ extra, if not, there's no extra charge, and the coloring will be kept simple and effective, like here

- Background : price will vary with the difficulty. I won't give outrageous prices, but just know that there might be an additional fee. If you don't want a fancy background, again there will be no extra charges and the background will either be plain white or single colored and effective, like here

Payment Method : Paypal
Slots Available : 6

Slots and progress can be seen here on the right, or on my y!gallery page.
If you are interested please contact me at kboythe13th9@hotmail.com , from there i will give you my paypal information and any additional information you might ask for.
I WILL NOT start working on the commissions until the money has been sent. You can also send references for your characters and/or details and/or the description to that address, remember try to be precise !

For All digital drawings I'll send you the lineart once it's about 60% to 80% done, this is when you'll tell me if any changes or retries are necessary ( re-doing lineart is limited), and please do tell me if something needs changing, i know this is very professional but i don't bite

Example :

What i will send :

What it might look like after a few tweaks :

For From Scratch drawings, i will send you the unfinished pencil sketch, no matter how dirty it will most probably appear, please remember that they will be inked digitally. The pencil sketches are simply for the details and general concept, things can be added or removed to the inked lineart :

Example :

What i will send

afterwards : ( shyguy removed) ( eyes changed, image cropped, legs more defined )

And the final drawing :

Okay, that about covers everything.
Thanks for reading this and possibly commissioning me.